Friday, August 14, 2015


So, here is something that I wrote on my iPhone notes when I was on the beach. The sun was going down and I just felt overwhelmed.

"Greece. Being present. Living life. Every minute is filled with happiness, gratitude and amazement. The incredible and striking beauty of nature is all around you: just keep your eyes open, keep your mind open. Nothing matters but life itself and being alive."

Well, this probably sounds way too peaceful and romantic, as if taken from an all optimistic motivational poster or something. Yeah. I know. But Greece just makes you feel that way if you plan your trip well.
In our family we love quiet, isolated places. I am the kind of person who always spends a ridiculous amount of time browsing google maps to make sure the hotel I like is far enough from big roads and towns. This summer the efforts payed off. We stayed at the loveliest hotel surrounded by dreamy olive groves and the atmosphere was so relaxing that we literally forgot about time and nearly missed the flight home, hehe.
It was a great escape and I enjoyed every single minute of being there. Like, actively enjoyed constantly talking about the beauty around and whispering to myself about how lucky I was. Because how else are we supposed to express gratitude for being alive and having our opportunities? I like talking to myself so that I have something to hold on to when things don,t work out well for me.
I was happy there. Really, really happy.


  1. Wow, these photos are beautiful, and so are you! I would love to visit Greece someday..

  2. The photo of the braid with the perfect little curl on the beautiful!

    I love the sound of this hotel, and i think if i was there I would probably forget about going home too! So peaceful....


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