Friday, October 17, 2014


Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing great.
As for me, life has been keeping me busy lately but I enjoy it. One of the secrets of staying optimistic is appreciating the small things in life. It always helps although it might take some time to learn the science of gratitude.

Now that this hectic week is over I finally have the time to share some photos from a recent photo shoot. Vera contacted me for the first time back in May but I was busy and stressed with exams and felt completely uninspired, so we had to postpone everything. Only a couple of weeks ago I realized I had gained enough inspiration for a new photo shoot and it finally happened.
I,m so happy I got the chance to meet this wonderful girl! She has a rare kind of beauty: when you look at her you can see her wonderful personality. It,s not everyday that you see such kind eyes in front of your lens.

Have a nice weekend everyone!




  1. I love the photos. Nice curls.

  2. I just love the **Beauty** and ~Simplicity~ of these pictures... Wow! Very Stunning!!!
    You have such lovely friends...


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