Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Step Into Autumn

Well, these photographs are very special to me. For several reasons. Firstly, this girl. Alyona is the only person who I feel absolutely comfortable around and I always appreciate her company. Secondly, these photos remind me of how warm that beautiful evening was. There was still a hint of summer in the air. Thirdly and most importantly, these pictures were taken with my new Rolleiflex camera. It was my first medium format experience and I,m so happy with the outcome! The camera is about 60 years old but works perfectly, I can,t wait to take more portraits with it.

Have a nice day everyone!



  1. These photos are so beautiful, Vera. The bokeh and the lighting is absolutely perfect!

  2. These beautiful pictures so make me think of fall....and all it's pretty light...
    I love them.


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