Sunday, May 4, 2014

Larisa and ramblings

I wonder how other people survive all this craziness that photography brings.
At first you feel inspired and ask someone to model for you. Then you arrange a photoshoot and take your 36 photos. Then you bring them to a photo lab and have to wait several days. You go absolutely crazy trying to remember if you did everything right and sometimes you suddenly realize that you forgot to push this or that button and your heart sinks and you keep thinking about that stupid mistake. It,s impossible to concentrate on anything else. Then you finally get your film roll developed and see that everything is alright. You even really like the result. You keep looking at your photos and then... I don,t understand why this always happens but in the end of the day I literally hate them.

 I feel inspired and ready to create but when it,s time to take pictures I,m unable to think of anything interesting and end up with my mediocre and lifeless photographs. I decide to quit photography every day but I can,t because I just love pressing the shutter button. And the circle of self-loathing begins again. I quess this is the pain of realizing that I,m ordinary. Breaking myths about yourself is never easy, right?

Seems that I,ll never learn the art of writing optimistic posts, I,m sorry. But I hope you are having a great Sunday!


  1. Honest posts are way better than fake-optimistic ones, trust me ;) love those portraits :)

  2. These photos are beautiful! Stop doubting yourself; you're only going to improve. :)


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