Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back to Digital

I haven,t worked with a digital camera for ages and it was a well needed break I must say. Now I have a whole different approach to using it. The feeling that I get when I take pictures reminds me of what I felt when I was new to my camera and it kind of feels like rediscovering it,s possibilities. 

It,s been also quite a while since I posted photos of nature here but this April I had so much fun photographing fragile spring flowers! Seriously couldn,t stop.

Last weekend I went for a walk with this girl who I haven,t seen for years and we had a lovely time there. At least I did. I quess people are bored when they talk to me because I,m not witty in the slightest way... But maybe I,m just too strict with myself.

Have a nice day!

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