Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Arina (2)

This spring has been so warm and sunny here in St.Petersburg that it is kind of suspicious. Not wearing a coat in April? Hm, really wierd. Breaking all the stereotypes.
Anyway, I,ve been taking full advantage of this amazing weather taking portraits outside. In the university botanical garden, to be exact. We discovered this magical place on one freezing autumn day and ever since then I,ve wanted to use it as a photoshoot location. Some places are just super inspiring and have a very special atmosphere, you know. No wonder I wanted to photograph my favorite girl there.
You might remember Arina from this post. Now she has a new vibrant hairstyle. Yeah, she is the girl who can pull it off. She is simply gorgeous and I might have a serious girl crush. Especially after the amazing job she did as a model.

Wishing you guys a wonderful week!


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  1. Incredibly peaceful and beautiful shots Girl!!!! Love Love Love these....

    How do you get the background to have that beautiful circular blur? Do you move the camera as your taking the shot? It's so beautiful...


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