Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Woo hoo! I have finally passed all exams and this makes me oh so happy. Life is wonderful. Happiness exists. Now I have three weeks to do whatever I want to and I also have some pretty exciting travel plans.
What makes me especially happy is that my creative energy is back. My mind is full of photoshoot ideas and I sometimes find it hard to fall asleep because they keep coming. This is a truly wonderful feeling.
I,ve been really into portraiture lately. The more portraits I take, the more I realize how enjoyable it is. By the way, if you are from Saint-Petersburg or Helsinki do not hesitate to contact me and get a free photoshoot.

P.S. Thank you for the comments that you have left on my previous two posts: I appreciate them so much! I couldn,t wish for better followers <3



Thursday, January 9, 2014


It,s a really lovely day today despite the fact that I only got two hours of sleep last night. I have passed my first exam today and it,s a great relief. It feels good when your work and sleepless nights pay off in the end. I just love this wonderful feeling of lightness that comes after you have done something that you,d been preparing for for such a long time...
It also rained heavily today. There is something very romantic about getting wet on the way to university while listening to your favorite music. I love how unusually warm it is this year although this weather has got me quite confused: it really looks a lot like autumn. I thought I,d say goodbye to my thin vintage coat in November but it,s already January and I still put it on every morning. Can,t complain about it.
Well, now here,s a piece of advice that actually is as old as the hills: don,t fall in love before exams. Even with someone,s voice. Especially with someone,s voice, for not only is it highly distracting but it will also spoil your ears and the level of harm will depend on how long it takes you to get to school/university.
My life lately has been a big struggle with myself. One part of me knows that I,m supposed to study non-stop to pass exams while another part wants to listen to opera arias and read about countertenors all days long. I very often find myself staring at a book but thinking about opera. Doesn,t sound like an effective way to prepare for exams, right?
Oh, almost forgot to say a few words about the self-portrait above. I wanted this photo to tell a story of a lonely girl longing for understanding but she knows perfectly well that no one is interested in her inner struggles, so she tries to have a candid talk with herself while looking in the mirror.
Sometimes you are your best model, especially when it comes to expressing certain thoughts through pictures.
Wishing you a wonderful week!