Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What 2013 Has Brought

Oh, well. It,s been a while.
But I have to get back to blogging before it becomes too late and I lose all my English writing skills. I could write an entire post about why I quited blogging for almost two months but would it make any sense? I suppose it wouldn,t. I,m back and it feels good, really good. I,ve missed you.
You never know what tomorrow brings and 2013 has been an awesome illustration to this saying. My life has changed drastically and as the year is coming to a close I think it,s a perfect time to reflect on it.
The most important thing is that I became a student and started learning Swedish. Honestly, I had never thought I,d learn Swedish. I felt uncertain until the very last moment but I,m happy that I eventually opted for this beautiful scandinavian language. It,s amazing how fast you learn languages at the university. Only three months and I can read blogs in Swedish. Weird letters have become familiar and weird words are now understandable, which makes me so happy!
Also, I,m very happy to have met new amazing people who inspire me. I seriously couldn,t wish for better classmates.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that this summer I decided to go vegetarian and I,m glad I did. It feels great to know that you don,t eat animal corpses. One day we were driving through the countryside and I spotted a sign saying there was a slaughterhouse not far from the road and it made me think a lot.
Just imagine what happens inside every day. It,s crazy. Our problem is that we no longer remember that meat actually comes from animals. Most people never think about it, which really makes me sad. As for me, I don,t want to support food industry that,s based on violence. I,m even thinking about going vegan in the future, which won,t be too difficult for I really love vegan and raw food and enjoy cooking it. Tomorrow I,m making my first vegan cheesecake as a new year,s eve dessert. So exciting!

Tomorrow is a one year anniversary of my Instagram account and it,s hard to believe that I have gained 18k followers. It,s truly unbelievable. I never expected my account to become this popular and to influence my life so much. I seriously need to write a post about how Instagram has changed my life. It,s such a wonderful, inspiring and (mostly) friendly community!

Never say never. So true. If you,d told me several months ago that I,d find it nearly impossible to fall asleep because of opera arias stuck in my head, I would have laughed.
Actually I,m glad that I discovered the world of opera at the age of 18: I understand it better for I already have my own stories to tell.
I,ve never been so passionate about anything before. Listening to arias is all I want to do. Currently I,m obsessed with Verdi,s "La Traviata". Especially with this production. I watch it literally every day. It,s almost unhealthy.

Well, 2013 has been definitely good to me. Can 2014 be even better, please?

Wishing you a very happy new year! May the coming year bring you and your loved ones happiness, love, peace and health!

Big hugs!