Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hi there! While I was thinking about my next blog post I realized I haven,t shown you the photos that I took in Rauma yet. Well, the second day of November seems to be just perfect for finally writing something about this wonderful town.

I,d always wanted to visit Rauma. I once saw a lovely documentary about this town located on the west coast of Finland and ever since then I,ve been in love with this place, so when my dad asked me what would be our road trip destination I answered, "Rauma!" without hesitating for a second. After driving through beautiful golden oat fields we arrived in Rauma ready to spend two days there.

Well, Rauma is charming. The old town just fascinates you with its cobbled streets, wooden houses, marine decor everywhere, lovely shops and cafes. What is really special about Rauma is that people still do live in the old town which is a unesco world heritage and they always make sure their windows are decorated nicely with all kinds of toy sailboats. So cute! No wonder I couldn,t help bringing home my own little sailboat that I bought in one of the adorable souvenir shops.

Have a lovely weekend!



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    1. It,s a perfect place for takibg pictures! :) Everything is so bright and lovely!

  2. This town doesn't even look real! It looks like a little sea side town out of a story book. I have to go visit here some day!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. ahh, i want to go to europe so badly. these are so beautiful, vera. they look picture perfect.

  4. Oh! I am so terribly jealous....that is just a beautiful place!! I want to go there now....thanks for the tip. Deffinetly adding to my list of places to go....btw, what kind of camera do you have? All of your pictures are so beautiful, and I am currently camera shopping... ;)

  5. Oh my goodness! I love your pictures and Blog! I am now following! : D



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