Thursday, November 14, 2013

Life lately, my new obsession and film portraits...

Hi everyone!
I feel like I haven,t blogged in forever and I,ve been really missing sharing bites of my life with you. Well, I had to take this little break from blogging for several reasons. The first is quite a trivial one: studies. Life has been crazy lately. We had several tests this week and being the world,s biggest procrastinator I found myself preparing for them the night before and sleeping 3-4 hours a day. Not cool at all. Sleep deprivation got so severe that today I decided to go home after the first lecture and take a good nap (The cleverest decision I,ve ever made.) because what,s the use of being present but thinking only about how to keep my tired eyes open?
Anyway, I don,t blame my sleep deprivation only on studies. I can also very well blame it on my new obsession. You,ll never guess what I,m obsessed with this time. Well, it,s opera that drives me crazy this month and I,m so surprised at myself. I used to tell everyone I didn,t understand opera and now I listen to opera arias even on my way to university. Something really weird is happening.
It all started with watching a tv singing competition. At first, I wasn,t going to watch it, I just thought classical music would be a nice background for doing homework but then I heard this. And this. And then I got totally hooked. The countertenor voice is something extraordinary. Never thought I,d ever be so mad about someone,s voice but things have got so far that I wake up in the morning longing for the moment when I,m able to hear it again. And I wish I could think about anything else. I don,t even remember the last time I posted anything on Instagram and it says a lot.

Now important things. Last week I got my first colorful film roll developed and I,m so happy with the colors! I had so much fun taking these photos: Arina is a perfect model and the location was so atmospheric... So glad this gorgeous lady is my classmate.
Visit my Flickr page to see more photos :)

Have a nice day!



  1. Great post!
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  2. You take the most gorgeous photos at the most gorgeous locations :) Thank you for sharing your work with us!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. make me want to bring out my grandfathers old film camera and take pictures too!!! There so beautiful!

    Love your post, and yes we miss you on Instagram!

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  5. Vera! I've missed you too, but of course, always see all your lovely pictures on instagram. I am so envious of your photography skills, these photo's are stunning. So inspirational and beautiful. I look forward to seeing more!

    Sorry you are so stressed with school, I feel your there, but we'll make it through! Just have to keep our heads up.


    P.S. Sorry, made an awkward typo had to retype haha.

  6. You have such a lovely blog! And I love this post! :)

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    xo, Tina

  7. Completely magical. I want this whole post printed and framed to have in my room. :)


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