Sunday, October 27, 2013

People Watching


You know you like taking portraits when spotting someone worth photographing can totally make your day. These days I,m obsessed with people watching more than ever for I use public transport a lot. For me it,s all about spotting people who stand out from the crowd and thinking about the perfect angle to photograph them. So exciting! And a great way to fight boredom on the bus if there,s no book in your bag ( But life teaches me to have one and not to waste four hours of my life every day.)

Sometimes we have large lecture classes where I spot really interesting faces and I wonder if it,s ok to come up to a girl and ask to model for me. Do you guys think it would be too odd?

Have a wonderful week!


Sunday, October 20, 2013



 I,ve always had a deep admiration for composers for they have the rare gift of being able to create something that touches souls but is untouchable itself. Music is pure emotion. Music is free from all the earthly things.
Sometimes music is so beautiful it hurts. That,s when I can literally feel my soul. There are times when I hate my physical self, just the body made of cells, and then my only dream is to become a sound. Weird, I know.
When I think about the end of the world, the only thing that makes me sad is that there will be no music after people disappear. Isn,t music the greatest achievement of humanity? Well, apparently, I think it is.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hello October

It has been a wonderful autumn week: leaves have become perfectly yellow and bright and I,ve been doing my best to enjoy every minute of October. The combination of bright maple leaves, crisp morning air and the blue sky is seriously the best thing ever. Why can,t October just last forever? Or until summer comes again...

Happy Sunday to you all!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Arina on Film

I,ve never been so excited about sharing film photos! I,ll probably start hating these very soon but right now I,m quite happy with how they turned out and I,m enjoying the beautiful feeling of personal fulfillment and self-confidence.

Slowly but surely, I,m changing my mind about taking portraits. It,s so weird. I used to be the one afraid of interacting with people. I used to feel extremely miserable after forcing myself to take someone,s portraits. I had promised to never ever try photographing people again. And I have broken that promise.

I prefer taking portraits with a film camera for several reasons. Firstly, a film camera provides incredible depth of field. Secondly, you get romantic grainy texture in your photos. Thirdly, working with film makes you organized: you have to check the settings each time you are going to press the shutter button and you pay extra attention to composition. Also, waiting for the film to be processed is so exciting! Especially for us, children of the digital age.

Well, this is my beautiful classmate Arina and I,m already looking forward to photographing this talented lady (she is an aspiring illustrator) again. I,ll share other film photos later this week, so stay tuned :)

Have a wonderful day!