Friday, September 27, 2013

Happiness Abounds

So, I,ve been a student for one month now and I couldn,t be happier with my life. Doing what I love fills me with so much happiness, it,s crazy! Sometimes I have unexpected happiness attacks on my way to university and can hardly help smiling. Days have become busier but they are a lot more interesting than the ones spent at school. Life has also become more peaceful. As a high school student I used to be constantly stressed out and tired because of rude teachers and subjects I had absolutely no interest in. Now everything is different and I come home optimistic and looking forward to doing my homework...
Slowly but surely, my Swedish is getting better and I can already understand comments in Swedish on Instagram, which makes me almost euphoric. It,s like discovering a whole new world and I,m seriously obsessed with this beautiful language. I pronounce my favorite words and phrases all the time, just like children do when they learn to speak. Our course is so intensive that I hope I,ll be able to read blogs in Swedish very soon. Ahh, can,t wait!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Urban Cats

Autumn is in full swing in St.Petersburg. The first weeks of September were surprisingly warm but life can,t always be peachy, right? I even kinda missed autumn and sweater weather for I love layering, bringing home colorful leaves and acorns and having organic apples from our garden for lunch. And cooking organic pumpkin. And organic beets. And... Ok, I,d better stop now before you know I,m a mad foodie. Oops, did I say that?
I don,t spend much time in the countryside these days and finding cats to photograph is a real challenge. Last week I was very fortunate though and bumped into a whole pride of cats. Know what? Nothing makes me happier than taking pictures of these cuties.
 Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Sunday, September 15, 2013


(song by Leanna of Singing In the Treetops
Hello my dear friends!
Life is getting more and more hectic and my days are so busy that I hardly find time to keep up with my favorite blogs and update mine. What makes up for the crazy pace of uni life is that I don,t have to study on Saturdays anymore. Two days off... Sounds amazing! And now I don,t die of jealousy every time I see "Thank God It's Friday" prints. Yeah, finally I can use this expression too!
 Slowly but surely, I,m getting used to my new lifestyle. After two weeks of studying I don,t wake up being over-excited and, honestly, it,s difficult to be excited at 5.30. One thing remains though... Every day I wake up happy. Seriously, I,m one lucky girl: I,m so happy with where I am in my life! I study what I love and I,m surrounded by amazing people... Actually, there is so much to be grateful for...

I feel very inspired these days. I,ve realized that I do love September: it,s such a wonderful month! Colorful leaves, chilly misty mornings, figs, apples, warm scarves and socks, coffee... Inspiration is all around you. 
Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Guess Who Is a Student

So, I,ve officially been a student for one week. Wait! What?! Only one week? Really? It feels like a month... Or even longer...
So much happens every day that I often find it hard to remember what I had for breakfast the day before and it says a lot, believe me.
Everything is so new and different: every moment is filled with all kinds of new impressions and my new student life makes me feel almost euphoric. I know things will calm down soon and my new routine won,t be new anymore but now I get over-excited about literally everything.
I had dreaded meeting my new classmates because meeting new people and talking to them always makes me extremely uncomfortable but everything went surprisingly well... We all got along perfectly after spending only a few hours together.
Oh, I haven,t mentioned the most important thing: I started learning Swedish this week! Isn,t it super exciting? I can,t speak Swedish yet but we,ve had several phonetics lessons. Some of the swedish sounds are outrageously difficult: I once had to spend an entire evening in front of the mirror to make sure my lips move correctly and I pronounce the right sound.
Well, there,s so much I want to share with you... But probably next time. Right now I,m too excited and happy.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Interview for Singing In the Treetops

Lovely Leanna of Singing In the Treetops has just posted an interview with me and you can check it out here. This talented lady is one of my favorite bloggers and I felt so honored when she contacted me...