Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Road Trip / Day 1


So I,m back from a one week road trip across Finland filled with all kinds of new impressions and I feel so mentally rejuvenated! This road trip has literally saved my life because spending the last summer month in the countryside browsing Pinterest all the time and suffering from wanderlust is obviously not so cool. Really, not cool at all. It,s like being buried alive.
Can you imagine how happy and excited I was when my dad suggested going to Finland? Not typical of him at all: he is not someone who is crazy about travelling - quite the opposite, in fact.

But road trips (like any other trips) require planning out. Of course you do not plan out everything but you have to make sure you,ll have a place to sleep and my mom and I had a hard time choosing hotels. Now here,s a little note to self (and everyone else): the more time you spend on choosing a hotel, the happier you will be with the choice.

Our first stop was Hamina, a really small town not far from the Russian-Finnish border. Basically we stopped there just to visit a small Huovila cafe ( Yep, we love coffee shops, probably way too much). The place is just so cosy and they really make the best cappuccino. Also they make perfect buns and cakes. The lovely romantic interior is what makes this place really special though.

We spent our first night at the loveliest guest house called Jokelan Kartano. See what I mean? Not a hotel, but a guest house. A whole different thing! We were warmly welcomed by the owner of the house Raila. This lady really made our stay there special by being very hospitable. The house is seriously so adorable (Shabby chic decorated!) that I couldn,t help smiling like an idiot while Raila was showing us around. The house is a paradise for lovers of all things vintage: filled with antique furniture that makes it so atmospheric...
In the morning we were offered the loveliest breakfast possible: porridge with homemade jam and yoghurt with fresh berries from the garden. Yum! It was such a perfect way to start the day off!


In the evening we went to the lake and found a nice place to swim. There are no words to describe how much I love Finnish lakes! The mirror-like surface of the water creates the perfect lighting for taking photographs. I wish I could take all my outfit photos there.
Someone, please, take me back. Pretty please?


Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Yawn And a Few Thoughts On Rudeness

 photo IMG_1917.jpg

Hi everyone,
The weather has been so fine lately that I didn,t want to waste this precious summer time on staring at my laptop screen.
However, today,s morning is a chilly one. I,ve just made a good cup of latte to warm my dear self up and now it,s the perfect moment to finally post some cat pictures. Actually it,s high time to post them because even my dad has noticed that my blog is beginning to resemble a fashion one. "You only write about skirts and such stuff". That,s what he said.

 photo IMG_1911.jpg

Have you ever thought a quiet girl with a camera can enrage anyone? Well. she can. While I was taking these pictures I heard a woman shouting at me and saying in a very rude and offensive manner that I could go to a scrap yard and take my "damn" pictures there. After I had told her I didn,t need her advice on where to go and what to do she began discussing me with others telling them how annoying I am walking around the village with a camera. Oh my, she was so self-assured being so outrageously ignorant!
I wonder when will people become a little bit more tolerant. When will they learn to respect each other? 
I don,t know whether to blame that woman for her ignorance or not. One the one hand, it is the government that does nothing to educate people in distant villages and make them well-mannered. On the other hand, I can,t believe an adult woman doesn,t feel the difference between politeness and absolute rudeness. I think it is something that you can feel without getting any special education.
Anyway, no chowderhead can stop me from doing what I enjoy. It,s amazing how some new cat photos can cheer me up.