Tuesday, June 4, 2013


These are the pictures from yesterday,s walk with my mom. We haven,t walked together for ages and it was great to spend that sunny warm evening discussing everything from fashion to politics and laughing a lot and it was also a great way to unwind after a math exam ( only two exams left, yay! ).
It,s been pretty hot lately and the classroom where I wrote my math exam was unbearably stuffy so I felt totally exhausted afterwards...

 photo IMG_9487.jpg
листики photo IMG_9332.jpg
me photo IMG_9515.jpg
  photo IMG_9396.jpg

me photo IMG_9399.jpg

The best thing about walking with my mom is that she takes amazing pictures and always knows how to make me smile. That day I wore a simple and comfortable outfit. Last week I told someone that pairing shorts with a tank top was dull but now I,m ready to take my words back because nothing can be that comfortable to wear and who doesn,t like comfort? :)

сирень 3 photo IMG_9290.jpg

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  1. These are beautiful photos. I love going on walks with my Mom was well! It's always so relaxing.

    I love wearing shorts and a tank top. Sometimes in the summer simple is better! So very pretty!

  2. Such beautiful photos! Your mom is a great photographer. I wore almost a similar outfit today! You are indeed right - who doesn't like comfort? :) Comfort is the best thing and your outfit is so pretty and simple! The best outfit for warm days :)

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