Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Although Google Reader is shutting down tomorrow you can still keep up with my blog by following it on Bloglovin :) I,ve been using Bloglovin for two years now and I absolutely love it. It takes only several minutes to create an account and then you can easily follow all of your favourite blogs.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Royal Blue

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Hi there! How are you guys doing?
As for me, I,m in the countryside being as close to the pool as possible because it,s very hot these days. Life is so peaceful here in the village... Especially compared to the crazy pace of life in the city.

Well, I,ve been meaning to show you this skirt for quite a while now because it,s literally perfect: it has perfect pleats, perfect colour and it is from my favourite online shop Chicwish. Nope, Chicwish doesn,t sponsor me ( unfortunately ) for writing this, the shop is just so great that I thought I should talk about it on my blog. First of all, they offer amazing vintage inspired skirts and dresses. Secondly, they provide great service: I had a few questions and contacted them and was amazed when several minutes later they wrote me back! Can you imagine? Only several minutes! For example, I never got an answer from Choies.
What is more, the skirt arrived exactly on time, which was very nice too. A pleasant online shopping experience. Can,t wait to order something pretty again.

P.S. My mom is so good at taking blurry pictures that I think I,ll use a tripod next time ;)

Big hugs!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The prom party. The event that we all had been looking forward to for the last 10 months. The event that makes everyone sad because it,s time to say goodbye to classmates who have become your friends. The event that makes everyone happy and excited because school is over and there are so many opportunities waiting for you...

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Most girls take a prom party as the chance to show off and spend hours searching for a perfect prom dress but this is totally not my case and I always try to ignore this fuss. Simply because I know that if I buy a gorgeous gown I won,t be able to wear it after the party is over, it,s not sensible.
At first, I didn,t want to buy anything at all: I thought I would put on a pleated skirt and a nice blouse, as simple as that. Anyway, this didn,t happen because one day I came across this awesome jumpsuit and realized that it was perfect for a prom party because it,s not too fancy yet quite elegant and it can be worn not only on special occasions but also in everyday life, so buying this versatile piece of clothing was a really good investment.

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(ph: mom)

I have never been a party animal and I expected this evening to be extremely boring. I could clearly see myself sitting quietly watching others dancing and having fun. But there was was one thing I didn,t take into consideration: looking at dancing people has always made me kinda jealous and frustrated. Oh well, I have always secretly wanted to learn how to dance.
Before the party one girl revealed the secret: she told me there are absolutely no rules and all you have to do is to feel the rhythm of music, move your body and have fun. Well, some people also need a glass of wine. Or two.
To make a long story short, I danced for the first time in my life yesterday. I danced like crazy because I wanted to enjoy that night to the fullest. For sure, it was the happiest night of my life. I had overcome one of my biggest fears and this filled me with joy and energy.

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(ph: Diana)

Diana captured me taking photos for Instagram during a boat trip.

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 (ph: me)

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It,s hard to believe it was the last time we, classmates, were together. I never thought I,d say this but I do love my classmates. Seven years together. It is a long time.
I,m very grateful to them. They accepted me the way I am and helped me realize that shyness is not a bad quality. They helped me to overcome my social awkwardness. They supported me and believed in me. They are so awesome and I will miss them so much...

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Parallel Lines

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Well, it,s been a while, right? I,ve been a very bad blogger lately but from now on things will be different because...I,m done with my finals! Woohoo! [ a weird smile on my face ]
I,m not going to write much today because my eyes hurt after a sleepless night but I,ll be back very soon with a better post, I promise :)
Big hugs!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


A while ago I bumped into a little pride of feral cats and since then I have become a frequent guest in the yard where they live.
When I saw this cat for the first time something went wrong and we didn,t cooperate well but cat photography has taught me to be patient: some cats are not always in the mood for modeling but this doesn,t mean they are not photogenic. Two weeks had passed before I could finally take these photos and this is another proof of my theory that cat photography is all about being in the right place at the right time.

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Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


These are the pictures from yesterday,s walk with my mom. We haven,t walked together for ages and it was great to spend that sunny warm evening discussing everything from fashion to politics and laughing a lot and it was also a great way to unwind after a math exam ( only two exams left, yay! ).
It,s been pretty hot lately and the classroom where I wrote my math exam was unbearably stuffy so I felt totally exhausted afterwards...

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листики photo IMG_9332.jpg
me photo IMG_9515.jpg
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me photo IMG_9399.jpg

The best thing about walking with my mom is that she takes amazing pictures and always knows how to make me smile. That day I wore a simple and comfortable outfit. Last week I told someone that pairing shorts with a tank top was dull but now I,m ready to take my words back because nothing can be that comfortable to wear and who doesn,t like comfort? :)

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Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


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Hello dear friends! Hope your first day of summer was as awesome as mine. I spent it in the countryside enjoying the sun and fresh air and preparing for exams. I had a Russian exam on Monday but there are three more to go... It,s very difficult to get down to revising when it,s so hot outside and  most of the time I do absolutely nothing or read books that have nothing to do with exams but sometimes it dawnes on me that these exams are pretty important and I start doing English grammar exercises or immerse myself in trigonometry. Honestly, I can,t wait for exams to be over...
Big Hugs,