Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today I Break My Promises

In the countryside I was finally able to do what I,d been dreaming about ever since I had got a tripod: a photo shoot in the forest. Shooting outside is so much easier than in a cramped room...
I might have already mentioned the difficulties I face when I take pictures of other people. One of the problems is that models are not always ready to do what I ask. For example, some of them won,t lean against a tree just because of some imaginary cruel insects. This seems so ridiculous to me. I spent my childhood in the countryside and I have always tried to be as close to nature as possible. I enjoy touching branches, leaves and flowers, I enjoy lying in the grass watching tiny beetles that are busy with something... What can be better than that?
I have always wanted to find the model who would be cooperative and wouldn,t be afraid of my weird photo shoot ideas. Now that I have a tripod, I can be my own model, which is great as I love both taking pictures and modeling. Obviously, there is a lot to learn: I still look really odd in the photos because I have to control my camera and can,t just relax and have fun. Anyway, the most important thing is that a tripod gives me independence: asking someone to take my outfit pictures has always been a very awkward moment for me...
Hope you are having a wonderful week!
P.S. Here,s a little message for my Russian readers (this must be the first time I write something in Russian on this blog and doing this seems so strange).
Приятная новость: интернет-магазин ASOS совсем недавно открыл русскую версию, но самое интересное, что на сайте Промокодабра можно найти различные скидочные купоны, которые сделают интернет-шоппинг еще приятнее. Тем более, что скоро выпускной у некоторых, самое время воспользоваться таким предложением :)


  1. Какие чудесные фотографии и платье! Особенно понравилась укладка волос!

  2. you're so pretty and your hair is lovely!

  3. i think you look lovely in these photos, and the bokeh in the second shot is really nice.

  4. Hey, lovely pictures, especially the third! I can understand how you feel about taking pictures of yourself and sure it's way easier to do that outside in the woods where no one can see you; I mostly use a tripod, too. In case you're going to visit Wiesbaden, I'd be glad to be photographed by you :)


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