Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This was supposed to be a travel diary... I came up with random thoughts instead.

Oh well, it took me quite a while to put this post together because I,ve been really busy with my studies but better late than never, right?
So, the cruise. I swear I,ll never go on a cruise in Winter or early Spring again. Why? Because of ice! When I first saw the ice covered sea I only made a joke about our never ending Winter and I didn,t think there would be any problems. Only later did I realize how much trouble ice can cause.
Due to some bad luck our cabin ( I traveled with my parents) was very close to the front of the ship. Guess what it means? We were the first to hear the dreadful sounds of the ice cracking when the ferry began making its way through the frozen sea. Horrible, horrible, horrible sounds! They really made me think about the Titanic,s fate and I couldn,t fall asleep because I was afraid our ship would sink. Sleepless nights resulted in headaches and even feeling a bit sick: not a very good thing when you are on holiday.

I think I,m falling more and more in love with Nothern Europe: I just adore everything about scandinavian countries: design, architecture, attitudes, mentality... everything! I even like the climate. It was pretty cold and windy but I really enjoyed the weather and it didn,t make me uncomfortable at all.
I told you I was tired of outfit photos and you might be wondering why there are so many of them in this post. Well, the thing is that I secretly like capturing my outfits, which is normal as all most girls enjoy getting dressed and love pretty clothes. I just feel a little bit guilty when I
 share outfit photos. Probably because personal style blogs are very often accused of narcissism.

About feeling guilty. I have to make a confession: I consumed tons of sugary things during the past week (shame, shame, shame...). Trying new foods is my favorite thing about travelling and I can,t help visiting random coffee shops that look nice. Coffee, pastries, cakes, sweets... These do not seem to be healthy foods and I,m very well aware of the harm that sugar does to my body but being a sweet tooth I have chocolate (and other) cravings very often. Anyway, I think it,s high time to get back to healthy eating. I put on quite a lot of weight this winter and I don,t like the situation at all ( because who likes putting on weight?). From now on, I will maintain healthy eating habits and work out more often. This is a solemn promise.

Hope you are having a nice day!


  1. Oh don't feel too guilty for your sweet tooth. It happens to me to. I think you look lovely.

    I know how you feel about outfit photos. I always feel a little strange taking pictures of myself, but yet I like it too.

    Anyhow your pictures are lovely, as always :)

  2. Dear Vera,

    I hope you're doing well across the world. Hawaii is doing quite well, but I think it needs your presence sometime. When you're done exploring Europe, do come here. ;)

    I know, it's been a small eternity since I've commented. I'm sorry for that. But don't you worry, I am always privately stalking your blog and etc (meaning pinterest and instagram).

    These pictures are beautiful and scrumptious. I love them. Especially the last one and the one of the building and all the ones of you and pretty much all of them. Never stop posting pictures of your outfits! You are not it the least bit snobby or self-centered about it, and I always enjoying stealing outfit ideas from you (although yours are way cooler than mine could ever be ;)).

    Oh, my word. The ship sounds terrifying. One of those things you know you shouldn't worry about, yet it's impossible not to.

    And sugar? I unashamedly love it. I tried to be all active yesterday and jog, but the end result is I hurt my knee. How pitiful is that? ;)
    Finally, your writing is a delight to read, as always.
    P.S. I just thought about all the russian classics you get to read in the original language and now I'm jealous... ;)

  3. I love your 'what I wore' posts! You help my feeble imagination adjust my fashion sense for the better.
    Eeekks, I would have had a terrible time sleeping too. Not a good sound at all.
    Glad to have you back in the blogger world!--Cheers

  4. Awesome photos and great look. I eat too much candy too it´s not a bad thing if you enjoy them :)




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