Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello (Spring) break!

Hello Spring break! I,m free from school for the whole week, which means I,ll be able to get enough sleep (yay, finally!), have nice breakfasts (not in a hurry), read good books, prepare for exams and maybe I,ll try to post more often.

Well, actually this break has nothing to do with Spring because in the end of March it,s still freezing cold outside and I,m getting really sick of snow. I get angry every time I see bloggers taking pictures under wonderful blooming trees and even angrier when I read about the oh so cold winter that they have survived. They should visit Russia and I,ll make them wear sweaters and down coats and huge scarves every single day. I,m sorry, it,s just no fun looking like a polar scientist or Big Jim from November till April.


Yesterday I went to the park and tried to take some photos with a digital camera but it was a really bad idea. I can,t press any buttons because of my thick mittens but if I dare to take them off my fingers turn blue and my hands become cracked the next day. So annoying! I quess I have already lost all photography skills.

Anyway, hope you are having a wonderful Friday!



  1. oh yay! we also have snow :) hope you enjoy your spring break:)

  2. I love your coat! I think New York is *almost* done with snow, so I hope we both get spring soon.

  3. beautiful pictures dear. your dogs are so cute <3

  4. Vera! You are darling, winter ensemble and all! These photos make me happy, as does spring break love. :) Don't worry, Russia's not the only place with a meter of snow still on the ground...Minnesota still has aways to go until warmth and greenery. But it's all good. :)

  5. You're lovely and I love the dogs :D

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