Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Few Thoughts On Blushing

Have you ever spent hours browsing the Internet in a desperate attempt to find the way to get rid of it? I,ve got good news: you are not alone.
My face goes red all the time. Well, it doesn,t get super red and blushing it,s not accompanied by sweating (eww!..) in my case but I do hate it. The worst thing about blushing is that it,s impossible to control it and everyone can notice that you are embarrassed or anxious.

You might remember that I,ve been trying to overcome shyness and I must say that I have achieved a lot and now I,m a lot more confident. I guess I hate blushing because it reminds me of the girl who used to be me: paralyzingly shy and odd.
Ordinary situation: I,m in a classroom and others are discussing something. I,ve got some thoughts to share. I begin saying something and that,s when I realize that my face is getting red. Does it happen because I become the center of attention? Well, probably. But it also happens because several years ago I wasn,t brave enough to share what,s on my mind without being asked and now every time I act like a confident person I,m not only proud of myself but I also feel a little bit embarrassed. That,s it.

Another situation: talking to the opposite sex. It,s a complete nightmare. Even if it,s just an ordinary communication I find talking to guys really difficult. Don,t ask me why: I wish I knew the answer. I suppose all guys think I,ve got a crush on them when they see my face going red. Know what? I blush even when I,m just talking about guys. My mom,s favorite question: "Oh, your face is so red, have you fallen in love?" No, mom. I haven,t fallen in love and I,m not even going to so,please, stop asking this stupid question. Oh my god, it,s so annoying.

Blushing, I hate you.


  1. I am completely with you here!!! The other day when I was in class we had to talk about our work and I was fine for like 5 second , then I just felt myself going red... I hate it so much , because everyones looking at you and then you think crap they can see me going red , and then you go even redder!! It's so annoying isn't it? I think I'm in the same boat as you , when I was in high school I was this really shy girl who didn't really talk , it wasn't until year 11 that I became a bit more confident! I wish there was some kind of cure for redness... :P Anyways rant over! aha , thought I'd just share my blushing experience with you :P xx

  2. Haha thank god it doesn't happens that often to me but I know what you're talking about :)
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  4. Your fashion brain works really well

  5. Hi, Vera! Fortunately I didn't have a blushing problem but I was a really shy girl, too, when I was at school! And talking to guys is weird, I know :) However, I'm sure it will change after you will have left school and things will become different since people become more cool and laid-back with time. Your mother's question is really annoying, I agree :)
    I love reading your texts!


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