Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello (Spring) break!

Hello Spring break! I,m free from school for the whole week, which means I,ll be able to get enough sleep (yay, finally!), have nice breakfasts (not in a hurry), read good books, prepare for exams and maybe I,ll try to post more often.

Well, actually this break has nothing to do with Spring because in the end of March it,s still freezing cold outside and I,m getting really sick of snow. I get angry every time I see bloggers taking pictures under wonderful blooming trees and even angrier when I read about the oh so cold winter that they have survived. They should visit Russia and I,ll make them wear sweaters and down coats and huge scarves every single day. I,m sorry, it,s just no fun looking like a polar scientist or Big Jim from November till April.


Yesterday I went to the park and tried to take some photos with a digital camera but it was a really bad idea. I can,t press any buttons because of my thick mittens but if I dare to take them off my fingers turn blue and my hands become cracked the next day. So annoying! I quess I have already lost all photography skills.

Anyway, hope you are having a wonderful Friday!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Collar Necklace

Today I have a day off and thought I,d share a picture of my new necklace from Efoxcity. Please, excuse my weird face in this photo: I was pretty tired after writing a literature test. My mom told me this looks like a passport photo, haha :) Mom always knows better but today I,m way too lazy to dress up again and take another picture, maybe some other time.

 photo IMG_5543_zps0938e2ce.jpg
Have a nice day,


Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the mood for vintage

 photo LOOKBOOK1_zps28112dbf.jpg

It,s so frustrating to see that in the middle of March everything outside is still covered with a thick layer of snow... I,m so tired of the below zero weather! Here,s what I can,t wait to wear when the real Spring comes.

Have a nice Sunday!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Few Thoughts On Blushing

Have you ever spent hours browsing the Internet in a desperate attempt to find the way to get rid of it? I,ve got good news: you are not alone.
My face goes red all the time. Well, it doesn,t get super red and blushing it,s not accompanied by sweating (eww!..) in my case but I do hate it. The worst thing about blushing is that it,s impossible to control it and everyone can notice that you are embarrassed or anxious.

You might remember that I,ve been trying to overcome shyness and I must say that I have achieved a lot and now I,m a lot more confident. I guess I hate blushing because it reminds me of the girl who used to be me: paralyzingly shy and odd.
Ordinary situation: I,m in a classroom and others are discussing something. I,ve got some thoughts to share. I begin saying something and that,s when I realize that my face is getting red. Does it happen because I become the center of attention? Well, probably. But it also happens because several years ago I wasn,t brave enough to share what,s on my mind without being asked and now every time I act like a confident person I,m not only proud of myself but I also feel a little bit embarrassed. That,s it.

Another situation: talking to the opposite sex. It,s a complete nightmare. Even if it,s just an ordinary communication I find talking to guys really difficult. Don,t ask me why: I wish I knew the answer. I suppose all guys think I,ve got a crush on them when they see my face going red. Know what? I blush even when I,m just talking about guys. My mom,s favorite question: "Oh, your face is so red, have you fallen in love?" No, mom. I haven,t fallen in love and I,m not even going to so,please, stop asking this stupid question. Oh my god, it,s so annoying.

Blushing, I hate you.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good Night

It,s midnight and I'm finally in my cosy bed drinking herbal tea after a very long and exhausting school day. I'm so glad it's over! I thought I'd share some of my recent Instagram shots with you not to disappear from the blogging world completely. Hope you like them :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Cat Day!

Russia is celebrating International Cat Day today and I decided to share some cat cuteness with you :)
Can,t wait for Summer to come, taking cat photos is really missing in my life right now.

We,ve made it through another Winter. I survived these cold months of darkness, yay!