Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reindeers on a sunny day

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Hello everyone,

I know, I,m supposed to be studying non-stop but...well, everything cease to matter when your very first online purchase arrives.
After a month and a half my reindeer jumper from Choies has finally reached me and I,m really happy with it: it,s cosy and the reindeers are so cute! Ok, maybe the end of February isn,t the right time to walk around in a reindeer jumper but here in St. Petersburg it still looks a lot like winter. Can you imagine it is 20 degrees below zero today? I guess this gives me the right to wear my jumper and it doesn,t look inappropriate at all although March is around the corner.

Big hugs and I hope you have a nice day!



  1. ah yes, receiving a purchase in the mail is very exciting! And your sweater is adorable :)
    Oh my goodness 20 below? I can't imagine how cold that would feel. The snow is very beautiful and you look so happy in the pics!

  2. I just love the looks so warm and fuzzy, and the outside looks so cold!!

  3. You look so cute! I love these pics, and your new sweater arrived in perfect timing since we actually are in the heart of winter even in south europe! We got the first real snow of the season just yesterday...

  4. You look so lovely and cosy! These are really beautiful pictures, you have such a gorgeous smile!

  5. hay, new follower these pics are so pretty and the outfit too ;)
    follow back, if you like ;). andy


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