Sunday, February 17, 2013

An Excuse

 Hi there! It,s been so long that it,s somewhat difficult to find the right words to begin this blog post. It,s the first February post so I guess I should explain what kept me away from blogging. I actually hate excuses that bloggers make every now and then and I hate these excuses even more because I,m one of those bloggers who always start a post with "Sorry".  But now I have to make one and I bet you already know what I,m going to say here.

Spring is in the air though it doesn,t look like spring at all and snow is not even going to melt. But the singing birds say it all and on my way to school I interpret their songs like "We are happy little birds who don,t have to think and worry about exams, la la la!" and I kinda envy that carefree creatures. But there,s no way I can become a happy bird all of a sudden and I have to think about exams even though I very often wish I could disappear from this crazy world for a while and come back when my finals are over.

There are only 3 months left and it,s not the right time to give up. I have gone through 11 years of school not to fail my finals in the end and I really want to do my best. Nothing can come out of nothing and the only possible way to pass exams is to work hard ( logic). One of the subjects I have chosen is Literature and it means that I spend hours and days reading, reading and reading ( and then fight headaches). I took up extra Literature classes, which used to sound like nonsense only a year ago because I never thought analyzing books is such a difficult task. The problem is that I usually get only one week to read a book so that I can discuss it with my teacher. Most of the books that I,m supposed to know very well are long novels and contain over 500 pages. Not to mention the "War and Peace". It,s crazy but I try to stay positive: the summer will come and there will be a prom party and the whole new life will begin and I have to work hard to make this future life a wonderful and happy one.

So, back to what I was going to say. I won,t be able to update my blog so often and comment on your posts during the coming 3 months but I,ll make up for it in summer, I promise. I hope you understand me and I know you do because you are the best readers I could ever wish for.

Here are some of my recent Instagram photos to brighten this post:

reading "War and Peace"

found a beautiful piece of ice

my room

me tired after another boring school day in a messy room

Hope, you are having a wonderful week!



  1. I hope you finals go well, and that they are over with quickly! I know how stressful those can be :P

    I love your instagram pictures, especially the third. So cozy :)

  2. such adorable pictures dear!! lovely!:) I have a giveaway on my blog and I would love to invite you to join! one big kiss!!


  3. I understand your point of view, Vera. Exams can bring a lot of stress, but the thought of finishing school after taking them and beginning the life you have always dreamt of is worth it ! I am sure you'll do great! Also, Literature can be useful - you learn about human nature, ideas and so many interesting things. As for me, I really like your blog and I think you are a special person, so I'll be here whenever you have the time to write a post !

    Good luck and lots of love,


  4. These photos are amazing! Love your photography , great blog , following!

    Check out mine sometime if you like :D

    Thanks! Sophie xxx


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