Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Forest

I,ve been having fun for the past several days (drinking tea, watching Chaplin movies and BBC documentaries, playing with my new phone and Instagram, reading books) but haven,t written anything interesting for you although I had put down some ideas long ago. I promise I.ll realize at least one of them and post the results very soon.

The weather has been fine today and I went for a walk to capture the winter beauty, needless to say that I got my nose and hands freezed off. The frosty weather makes taking pictures literally impossible and this makes me sad. I love winter, I really do, but it lasts way too long and prevents me from doing what I enjoy most.
The great thing about these cold months is that I get the chance to use my favorite white balance for the fluorescent lamp. It works quite well and makes everything look dreamy and magical.

Have a nice day!


  1. Wow. Just wow. that first photo was is so beautiful. Actually gave me chills. You are so talented, Vera. I wish it would snow where I live!

  2. Oh wooow especially the first one is sooo beautiful! And i totally agree with you about the winter, its waay too long, and i hate it when the most beautiful weather for taking pictures is when its so cold that i can barely go outside :D

  3. So beautiful!!!! And it does look very cold....your poor face and hands looks cold. .......but the pictures are simply beautiful.....thank you.....can't wait for more posts.......:)

  4. Hi, Vera! Enjoy the real winter you are having!


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