Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hi there!
I,m sorry for the lack of posts lately but I,ve been really busy with my studies and I,m afraid it will get even worse because exams are approaching and... Well, I guess you all know what it means. It,s January and there are only 5 months left to prepare for exams. Ok, I should be more realistic: less than 5 months since the January is almost over and honestly I can,t say I,m ready for any of the subjects. I still have problems with making good arguments for English essays, still don,t understand a thing in math and the worst is that I haven,t revised Russian literature properly yet. Don,t know what I was thinking about when I decided to take a literature exam: it,s crazy, nearly impossible to pass because everyone interprets books differently. I try to be optimistic though and often dream about the wonderful time that will come after all the stupid exams and after the prom party.


Enough about studies. Let,s talk about the things that make life brighter.
The other day I received this cute scarf from Choies  . One of those that they were giving away last month. It,s always nice to get something for absolutely free, right? Especially if it is an adorable soft scarf. I was pleasantly surprised to know they ship so fast and now I can,t wait for my reindeer jumper to arrive. This jumper is my first online purchase and I,m very excited about it.

Do you, guys, ever buy clothes online?


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