Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello, 2013!

Hi there!
Did you enjoy the New Year,s Eve? I had a great evenng / night with my family laughing and joking and doing all that stuff that you can do only at home with the closest family members.
There was only one awkward moment. It was midnight and normally midnight is the time when you drink champagne and make a wish, right? I felt embarrassed when I realized I had no particular wish, just some pretty vague dreams. I don,t know what happened to me that I couldn,t think of a wish. In the end I just thought to myself that I didn,t care: I,m the only one who is responsible for how my life goes and all I really need is some determination and luck.

I hoped to take some new photos outside but the weather has been horrible: it,s been raining or snowing for the past two days and I spent most of the time at home reading, getting ready for exams or watching movies.
Anyway, I have great news. My daddy gave me a new phone as a gift and it means that you can now follow me on Instagram where you,ll see tons of my dog photos and other stuff.

Have a nice day!

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