Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What 2013 Has Brought

Oh, well. It,s been a while.
But I have to get back to blogging before it becomes too late and I lose all my English writing skills. I could write an entire post about why I quited blogging for almost two months but would it make any sense? I suppose it wouldn,t. I,m back and it feels good, really good. I,ve missed you.
You never know what tomorrow brings and 2013 has been an awesome illustration to this saying. My life has changed drastically and as the year is coming to a close I think it,s a perfect time to reflect on it.
The most important thing is that I became a student and started learning Swedish. Honestly, I had never thought I,d learn Swedish. I felt uncertain until the very last moment but I,m happy that I eventually opted for this beautiful scandinavian language. It,s amazing how fast you learn languages at the university. Only three months and I can read blogs in Swedish. Weird letters have become familiar and weird words are now understandable, which makes me so happy!
Also, I,m very happy to have met new amazing people who inspire me. I seriously couldn,t wish for better classmates.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that this summer I decided to go vegetarian and I,m glad I did. It feels great to know that you don,t eat animal corpses. One day we were driving through the countryside and I spotted a sign saying there was a slaughterhouse not far from the road and it made me think a lot.
Just imagine what happens inside every day. It,s crazy. Our problem is that we no longer remember that meat actually comes from animals. Most people never think about it, which really makes me sad. As for me, I don,t want to support food industry that,s based on violence. I,m even thinking about going vegan in the future, which won,t be too difficult for I really love vegan and raw food and enjoy cooking it. Tomorrow I,m making my first vegan cheesecake as a new year,s eve dessert. So exciting!

Tomorrow is a one year anniversary of my Instagram account and it,s hard to believe that I have gained 18k followers. It,s truly unbelievable. I never expected my account to become this popular and to influence my life so much. I seriously need to write a post about how Instagram has changed my life. It,s such a wonderful, inspiring and (mostly) friendly community!

Never say never. So true. If you,d told me several months ago that I,d find it nearly impossible to fall asleep because of opera arias stuck in my head, I would have laughed.
Actually I,m glad that I discovered the world of opera at the age of 18: I understand it better for I already have my own stories to tell.
I,ve never been so passionate about anything before. Listening to arias is all I want to do. Currently I,m obsessed with Verdi,s "La Traviata". Especially with this production. I watch it literally every day. It,s almost unhealthy.

Well, 2013 has been definitely good to me. Can 2014 be even better, please?

Wishing you a very happy new year! May the coming year bring you and your loved ones happiness, love, peace and health!

Big hugs!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Life lately, my new obsession and film portraits...

Hi everyone!
I feel like I haven,t blogged in forever and I,ve been really missing sharing bites of my life with you. Well, I had to take this little break from blogging for several reasons. The first is quite a trivial one: studies. Life has been crazy lately. We had several tests this week and being the world,s biggest procrastinator I found myself preparing for them the night before and sleeping 3-4 hours a day. Not cool at all. Sleep deprivation got so severe that today I decided to go home after the first lecture and take a good nap (The cleverest decision I,ve ever made.) because what,s the use of being present but thinking only about how to keep my tired eyes open?
Anyway, I don,t blame my sleep deprivation only on studies. I can also very well blame it on my new obsession. You,ll never guess what I,m obsessed with this time. Well, it,s opera that drives me crazy this month and I,m so surprised at myself. I used to tell everyone I didn,t understand opera and now I listen to opera arias even on my way to university. Something really weird is happening.
It all started with watching a tv singing competition. At first, I wasn,t going to watch it, I just thought classical music would be a nice background for doing homework but then I heard this. And this. And then I got totally hooked. The countertenor voice is something extraordinary. Never thought I,d ever be so mad about someone,s voice but things have got so far that I wake up in the morning longing for the moment when I,m able to hear it again. And I wish I could think about anything else. I don,t even remember the last time I posted anything on Instagram and it says a lot.

Now important things. Last week I got my first colorful film roll developed and I,m so happy with the colors! I had so much fun taking these photos: Arina is a perfect model and the location was so atmospheric... So glad this gorgeous lady is my classmate.
Visit my Flickr page to see more photos :)

Have a nice day!


Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hi there! While I was thinking about my next blog post I realized I haven,t shown you the photos that I took in Rauma yet. Well, the second day of November seems to be just perfect for finally writing something about this wonderful town.

I,d always wanted to visit Rauma. I once saw a lovely documentary about this town located on the west coast of Finland and ever since then I,ve been in love with this place, so when my dad asked me what would be our road trip destination I answered, "Rauma!" without hesitating for a second. After driving through beautiful golden oat fields we arrived in Rauma ready to spend two days there.

Well, Rauma is charming. The old town just fascinates you with its cobbled streets, wooden houses, marine decor everywhere, lovely shops and cafes. What is really special about Rauma is that people still do live in the old town which is a unesco world heritage and they always make sure their windows are decorated nicely with all kinds of toy sailboats. So cute! No wonder I couldn,t help bringing home my own little sailboat that I bought in one of the adorable souvenir shops.

Have a lovely weekend!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

People Watching


You know you like taking portraits when spotting someone worth photographing can totally make your day. These days I,m obsessed with people watching more than ever for I use public transport a lot. For me it,s all about spotting people who stand out from the crowd and thinking about the perfect angle to photograph them. So exciting! And a great way to fight boredom on the bus if there,s no book in your bag ( But life teaches me to have one and not to waste four hours of my life every day.)

Sometimes we have large lecture classes where I spot really interesting faces and I wonder if it,s ok to come up to a girl and ask to model for me. Do you guys think it would be too odd?

Have a wonderful week!


Sunday, October 20, 2013



 I,ve always had a deep admiration for composers for they have the rare gift of being able to create something that touches souls but is untouchable itself. Music is pure emotion. Music is free from all the earthly things.
Sometimes music is so beautiful it hurts. That,s when I can literally feel my soul. There are times when I hate my physical self, just the body made of cells, and then my only dream is to become a sound. Weird, I know.
When I think about the end of the world, the only thing that makes me sad is that there will be no music after people disappear. Isn,t music the greatest achievement of humanity? Well, apparently, I think it is.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hello October

It has been a wonderful autumn week: leaves have become perfectly yellow and bright and I,ve been doing my best to enjoy every minute of October. The combination of bright maple leaves, crisp morning air and the blue sky is seriously the best thing ever. Why can,t October just last forever? Or until summer comes again...

Happy Sunday to you all!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Arina on Film

I,ve never been so excited about sharing film photos! I,ll probably start hating these very soon but right now I,m quite happy with how they turned out and I,m enjoying the beautiful feeling of personal fulfillment and self-confidence.

Slowly but surely, I,m changing my mind about taking portraits. It,s so weird. I used to be the one afraid of interacting with people. I used to feel extremely miserable after forcing myself to take someone,s portraits. I had promised to never ever try photographing people again. And I have broken that promise.

I prefer taking portraits with a film camera for several reasons. Firstly, a film camera provides incredible depth of field. Secondly, you get romantic grainy texture in your photos. Thirdly, working with film makes you organized: you have to check the settings each time you are going to press the shutter button and you pay extra attention to composition. Also, waiting for the film to be processed is so exciting! Especially for us, children of the digital age.

Well, this is my beautiful classmate Arina and I,m already looking forward to photographing this talented lady (she is an aspiring illustrator) again. I,ll share other film photos later this week, so stay tuned :)

Have a wonderful day!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Happiness Abounds

So, I,ve been a student for one month now and I couldn,t be happier with my life. Doing what I love fills me with so much happiness, it,s crazy! Sometimes I have unexpected happiness attacks on my way to university and can hardly help smiling. Days have become busier but they are a lot more interesting than the ones spent at school. Life has also become more peaceful. As a high school student I used to be constantly stressed out and tired because of rude teachers and subjects I had absolutely no interest in. Now everything is different and I come home optimistic and looking forward to doing my homework...
Slowly but surely, my Swedish is getting better and I can already understand comments in Swedish on Instagram, which makes me almost euphoric. It,s like discovering a whole new world and I,m seriously obsessed with this beautiful language. I pronounce my favorite words and phrases all the time, just like children do when they learn to speak. Our course is so intensive that I hope I,ll be able to read blogs in Swedish very soon. Ahh, can,t wait!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Urban Cats

Autumn is in full swing in St.Petersburg. The first weeks of September were surprisingly warm but life can,t always be peachy, right? I even kinda missed autumn and sweater weather for I love layering, bringing home colorful leaves and acorns and having organic apples from our garden for lunch. And cooking organic pumpkin. And organic beets. And... Ok, I,d better stop now before you know I,m a mad foodie. Oops, did I say that?
I don,t spend much time in the countryside these days and finding cats to photograph is a real challenge. Last week I was very fortunate though and bumped into a whole pride of cats. Know what? Nothing makes me happier than taking pictures of these cuties.
 Hope you are having a wonderful week!


Sunday, September 15, 2013


(song by Leanna of Singing In the Treetops
Hello my dear friends!
Life is getting more and more hectic and my days are so busy that I hardly find time to keep up with my favorite blogs and update mine. What makes up for the crazy pace of uni life is that I don,t have to study on Saturdays anymore. Two days off... Sounds amazing! And now I don,t die of jealousy every time I see "Thank God It's Friday" prints. Yeah, finally I can use this expression too!
 Slowly but surely, I,m getting used to my new lifestyle. After two weeks of studying I don,t wake up being over-excited and, honestly, it,s difficult to be excited at 5.30. One thing remains though... Every day I wake up happy. Seriously, I,m one lucky girl: I,m so happy with where I am in my life! I study what I love and I,m surrounded by amazing people... Actually, there is so much to be grateful for...

I feel very inspired these days. I,ve realized that I do love September: it,s such a wonderful month! Colorful leaves, chilly misty mornings, figs, apples, warm scarves and socks, coffee... Inspiration is all around you. 
Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Guess Who Is a Student

So, I,ve officially been a student for one week. Wait! What?! Only one week? Really? It feels like a month... Or even longer...
So much happens every day that I often find it hard to remember what I had for breakfast the day before and it says a lot, believe me.
Everything is so new and different: every moment is filled with all kinds of new impressions and my new student life makes me feel almost euphoric. I know things will calm down soon and my new routine won,t be new anymore but now I get over-excited about literally everything.
I had dreaded meeting my new classmates because meeting new people and talking to them always makes me extremely uncomfortable but everything went surprisingly well... We all got along perfectly after spending only a few hours together.
Oh, I haven,t mentioned the most important thing: I started learning Swedish this week! Isn,t it super exciting? I can,t speak Swedish yet but we,ve had several phonetics lessons. Some of the swedish sounds are outrageously difficult: I once had to spend an entire evening in front of the mirror to make sure my lips move correctly and I pronounce the right sound.
Well, there,s so much I want to share with you... But probably next time. Right now I,m too excited and happy.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Interview for Singing In the Treetops

Lovely Leanna of Singing In the Treetops has just posted an interview with me and you can check it out here. This talented lady is one of my favorite bloggers and I felt so honored when she contacted me...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Road Trip / Day 1


So I,m back from a one week road trip across Finland filled with all kinds of new impressions and I feel so mentally rejuvenated! This road trip has literally saved my life because spending the last summer month in the countryside browsing Pinterest all the time and suffering from wanderlust is obviously not so cool. Really, not cool at all. It,s like being buried alive.
Can you imagine how happy and excited I was when my dad suggested going to Finland? Not typical of him at all: he is not someone who is crazy about travelling - quite the opposite, in fact.

But road trips (like any other trips) require planning out. Of course you do not plan out everything but you have to make sure you,ll have a place to sleep and my mom and I had a hard time choosing hotels. Now here,s a little note to self (and everyone else): the more time you spend on choosing a hotel, the happier you will be with the choice.

Our first stop was Hamina, a really small town not far from the Russian-Finnish border. Basically we stopped there just to visit a small Huovila cafe ( Yep, we love coffee shops, probably way too much). The place is just so cosy and they really make the best cappuccino. Also they make perfect buns and cakes. The lovely romantic interior is what makes this place really special though.

We spent our first night at the loveliest guest house called Jokelan Kartano. See what I mean? Not a hotel, but a guest house. A whole different thing! We were warmly welcomed by the owner of the house Raila. This lady really made our stay there special by being very hospitable. The house is seriously so adorable (Shabby chic decorated!) that I couldn,t help smiling like an idiot while Raila was showing us around. The house is a paradise for lovers of all things vintage: filled with antique furniture that makes it so atmospheric...
In the morning we were offered the loveliest breakfast possible: porridge with homemade jam and yoghurt with fresh berries from the garden. Yum! It was such a perfect way to start the day off!


In the evening we went to the lake and found a nice place to swim. There are no words to describe how much I love Finnish lakes! The mirror-like surface of the water creates the perfect lighting for taking photographs. I wish I could take all my outfit photos there.
Someone, please, take me back. Pretty please?