Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let It Snow

So, this time has come: winter is here! First snowfalls, candles and Christmas songs... I,ve been listening to the Let It Snow song by Ella Fitzgerald for the whole week non-stop.
I,m having a crazy school week actually, barely get any sleep and being tired and sleepy is my normal state. I struggle to understand math ( but it still seems to be incomprehensible) and strain my brain trying to analyze books ( Let,s pretend that I don,t spend hours browsing blogs or images on Pinterest.)

Next week is Liza,s birthday and I couldn,t think of anything better than drawing a cat for here. I will share the picture next week, now I can,t do that because I want to surprise her :)

Have a nice day and I hope you get more sleep than I do :)



  1. Ahh I am jealous! SnOW?? <3
    Christmas is the best time of the year!!!!!
    pretty pictures BTW :)
    you're a amazing artist!!

  2. You always have the cutest style! I'm glad you have pinterest, (who doesn't?) I'm going to follow you. :D

  3. Just looking at those pictures....and I want to bake gingerbread and curl up with a wonderous!

    When does school stop for christmas holiday? O hope you have many wonderful plans to sleeping more.....wink ;)

    Beautiful pictures!


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