Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Birthday Cat

It,s Liza,s birthday today ( Wish you all the best, dear!) and here is the birthday card that I drew specially for her. I couldn,t wait to share these photos (sorry for the bad lighting) with you as this seems to be my best drawing so far.

Last weekend I cleaned my workspace to make my room look a bit prettier and not that messy because the New Year is approaching and I want everything to look neat. Quess what? The mess is back, which is no big surprise: I,m a very disorganized person when it comes to keeping my room clean.

Have a nice day!



  1. Your cats are so unique and sweet. I love the lighting in the pics, it looks warm and cozy a right fine place to create.
    Blessings ~ Rachel Hope

  2. I like the drawing, very cute, and it really looks like fur! Your friend is lucky to receive such gift! Is she a cat lover as well?


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