Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you all!
We don,t celebrate it in Russia tonight but I love the catholic Christmas traditions and I think it,s right to celebrate it before the new year comes. I hope you,ll have an amazing evening with your beloved ones and will find lots of cute presents under the Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hey guys, how are you doing? Are you ready for Doomsday Christmas?

Although I,m not in the Christmas mood (as usual, I always have trouble getting into the Christmas spirit) I,ve been quite happy lately, happy and satisfied with my life. Where did this happiness come from? Maybe this is exactly what one should feel when Christmas approaches?
I smile on my way to school, smile when I walk with my dog, when my nose is almost freezed off because it,s 20 below zero, smile when I look out of the window and see the snow falling slowly... I have to hide my smile with a scarf because this really looks odd I quess. So, maybe I have already got into the Christmas spirit?

I,m having a lot of tests at school as the term is coming to it,s end. Today I had an English test that meant writing an essay on a controvercial issue. Shopping was the topic this time: on-line or traditional? I tried to prove that on-line shopping is a lot more convenient just because I knew the arguments ( entering Christmas giveaways made me read a lot about on-line shops).
There,s only one more test to pass (Russian) and I will be absolutely free. My gosh, this made me smile again!

I,ve been meaning to show you handmade jewelry made by my classmate Alyona for quite a while. I had the privilege to photograph these cuties and this is what I came up with :)

Have a nice day!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Birthday Cat

It,s Liza,s birthday today ( Wish you all the best, dear!) and here is the birthday card that I drew specially for her. I couldn,t wait to share these photos (sorry for the bad lighting) with you as this seems to be my best drawing so far.

Last weekend I cleaned my workspace to make my room look a bit prettier and not that messy because the New Year is approaching and I want everything to look neat. Quess what? The mess is back, which is no big surprise: I,m a very disorganized person when it comes to keeping my room clean.

Have a nice day!


Sunday, December 9, 2012


I know that there is no snow where many of you live and I wanted to share some winter beauty with you. Here we have too much snow.
I recorded these videos yesterday while walking with my dog although it was quite difficult to keep my camera safe. I simply couldn,t resist capturing these beautiful snowflakes falling down. When I see snowflakes or raindrops I become a risk taker (a camera can easily get wet) but it,s always worth it.

Have a nice day,


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let It Snow

So, this time has come: winter is here! First snowfalls, candles and Christmas songs... I,ve been listening to the Let It Snow song by Ella Fitzgerald for the whole week non-stop.
I,m having a crazy school week actually, barely get any sleep and being tired and sleepy is my normal state. I struggle to understand math ( but it still seems to be incomprehensible) and strain my brain trying to analyze books ( Let,s pretend that I don,t spend hours browsing blogs or images on Pinterest.)

Next week is Liza,s birthday and I couldn,t think of anything better than drawing a cat for here. I will share the picture next week, now I can,t do that because I want to surprise her :)

Have a nice day and I hope you get more sleep than I do :)


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Currently Obsessed

I need to make a confession: I have always been positively jealous of those who are musically talented. I consider music to be the best form of self-expression and sharing your feelings with others. Beautiful music can make you feel happy or nostalgic, it can make you sad or even make you cry. Music is so powerful.

I,ve been meaning to share these songs with you for quite a while. These two are the ones that I,m currently obsessed with. They are written by Leanna and I can,t describe how much admiration I have for her. I don,t remember when exactly I stumbled across her blog but when I did I got fascinated by her tender voice.

Here are the songs and I hope you enjoy them :)

Don,t forget to check out Leanna,s blog that is called Singing in the treetops.

Have a great weekend!