Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When Girls Meet Tripods

It looks like another superficial post but I do have an excuse, a pretty good one. What makes this photo very special is that it was taken Yay, I finally got a tripod! These days I,ve been experimenting a lot with it trying to avoid the stupid face expression that appears every time I deal with a remote controller. This must be the first decent picture that I,ve taken by now.

I wish I could write more but I,m completely burnt out from school, now I,m going to get some good rest.

I hope you,re having a wonderful week :)



  1. Um wow, I speak from experience it is ver hard to get a photo of oneself, even if one has a tripod. o this photo is amazing ! You must really have talent. And I don't think posting a photo of yourself is superficial.
    Wonderful job and congrats on getting that tripod.
    Rachel Hope

  2. This is great! Taking self-portraits is not easy, but you did an awesome job!

  3. LOVE! You look so 1950's...darling. And I completely understand your school burn out. Stay strong, don't worry about coming across as superficial, because we know that you're not!

  4. Мне очень нравится твой блог! Ты очень красивая!!!

  5. It's a wonderful transition from autumn to winter. Welcome Mr. Tripod. Make sure you take Miss Vera on lots of dates.

  6. I love your dress, Vera! I love my tripod, and I hope that you will enjoy yours!

  7. wow. Vera, you are so, so gorgeous!! love this photo too!! your photography is so lovely.


  8. You look so lovely, Vera! And I really like your outfit as well, especially the collar :)

  9. You look so beautiful! Love your hair and the dress plus the picture has such a nice vintage feel! Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog!
    Bowtie Diary

  10. Love it!!

    Nice did you get the background up? A sheet, or fabric?

    I should try that sometime......

    1. Thank you, Sarah!

      The background is nothing special: it is the wall in my parents, room. The bed cover is in the same colour :)

  11. wow, your blog is wonderful, love your photographs and you're very beautiful! (:


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