Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Drama?

  I have no drama in my life (let,s forget for a moment that life itself is a drama) and this is what makes me even more dramatic than I used to be.

 There’s nothing to worry about (except for my finals in May, but this can wait), no thoughts that torture me (except for the ones about being uncreative but it doesn’t count as these thoughts never leave me), nothing that I suffer from (except for not having enough sleep). There’s absolutely nothing! I just live my calm life and I’m pretty happy and satisfied with it. This is what makes me very a bit suspicious.

No drama? How on earth is it possible to live without it? I know I’m supposed to enjoy this short period of time without drama, without being constantly depressed or feeling miserable. I should be grateful. But. I feel as if I were a greenhouse plant (oh, the greenhouse is so warm and nice), the plant that someone cares for and waters every day. That’s awful. I need some drama.

I used to suffer from being terribly shy but I learnt how to deal with it, I used to complain about having no friends and being all alone but I got on quite well with some girls. I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to go to Wiesbaden in summer and see my friends but my dad (who actually happens to be the best dad on earth) arranged everything. What else? I used to be super conscious about my braces but got rid of them more than a year ago. Hmm… Not to mention my love dramas. Yep, such things like love happen even to me.

Why do I need these personal dramas? The answer is very simple. Dramas make me think and sometimes even write clever words. How can I think of anything when I’m like a greenhouse plant and there’s nothing to worry about? Dramas make my brain work in order to find the answers to the countless amounts of questions. Dramas are inspiring.

 Right now I’ve got a new one: the lack of them.


  1. I feel the same way, too! Many people would be jealous of our drama-free lives, but sometimes, I wish I had a bit more going on. I understand, Vera. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting, Emily, your feedback means a lot to me :)

  2. Each season of life grows you and teaches you something. A lot of people [myself included] would trade you their hectic lives for some of your peaceful ones. There are always bends in the road and you never know what surprises will come. But the most important thing is to know where your going once this life is over.


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