Monday, November 19, 2012


I,ve just realized that I never write anything about my trips to Finland. Probably because it,s a rare thing here in St. Petersburg when someone talks about it. For most St.Petersburg residents going to Finland doesn,t even count as going abroad because it,s really quite easy to get there: it takes about 4 hours to reach adorable small towns near the Finnish-Russian border. If you prefer travelling with comfort, you can always opt for a short cruise trip: one night on board and you are in Helsinki! Easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Firstly, it,s great because you,ve got plenty of free time to read the books that you never get to open when you,re at home. Secondly, you can buy a lot of delicious stuff in a duty free shop ( and happily consume it all in your cosy cabin, pfff...).
In the morning you get up, put on a huge scarf (what would Finnish girls wear), grab a camera and you,re ready to explore the capital of Finland.

Start your day in Helsinki with sipping capuccino in a cosy cafe. Oh, it,s such a priceless moment for all the coffee lovers like me... After that you can go shopping or visit a museum or simply walk and enjoy the jugend architecture. This weekend we were lucky to attend an awesome exhibition held at the Atenium Museum. Some of the landscapes that were exhibited blew my mind away, especially the ones by Vincent van Gogh. Some people tell it,s impossible to take eyes of them - so true! The paintings are more than impressive. they are fascinating and magical.

After visiting the museum we went shopping. What I was looking for were postcards because I love postcards and in Helsinki you can buy the most stylish ones.

Btw, I have seen Jeffrey Campbell litas. No, no, no, of course I wasn,t going to buy them, I only wanted to touch these shoes that have become so strangely popular. Actually I think they look ugly ( only Annika could make them look awesome).

The day went by very quickly but new impressions made up for it.


  1. Hey, Vera! Sorry I didn't comment for a long time. Unfortunately I didn't see your giveaway, i would have loved to participate. It is very generous of you to give away your own drawings! And I didn't know you liked Annika's blog, too, it's such a pity she stopped blogging.

  2. Да уж, жителям Питера повезло, что так легко добраться до Хельсинки:-) Чудесный город!
    Вороны нарисованные такие забавные:-))


  3. This makes me want to visit Helsinki/Finland.
    That first photo has such interesting composition - very nice.


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