Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When Girls Meet Tripods

It looks like another superficial post but I do have an excuse, a pretty good one. What makes this photo very special is that it was taken Yay, I finally got a tripod! These days I,ve been experimenting a lot with it trying to avoid the stupid face expression that appears every time I deal with a remote controller. This must be the first decent picture that I,ve taken by now.

I wish I could write more but I,m completely burnt out from school, now I,m going to get some good rest.

I hope you,re having a wonderful week :)


Monday, November 19, 2012


I,ve just realized that I never write anything about my trips to Finland. Probably because it,s a rare thing here in St. Petersburg when someone talks about it. For most St.Petersburg residents going to Finland doesn,t even count as going abroad because it,s really quite easy to get there: it takes about 4 hours to reach adorable small towns near the Finnish-Russian border. If you prefer travelling with comfort, you can always opt for a short cruise trip: one night on board and you are in Helsinki! Easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Firstly, it,s great because you,ve got plenty of free time to read the books that you never get to open when you,re at home. Secondly, you can buy a lot of delicious stuff in a duty free shop ( and happily consume it all in your cosy cabin, pfff...).
In the morning you get up, put on a huge scarf (what would Finnish girls wear), grab a camera and you,re ready to explore the capital of Finland.

Start your day in Helsinki with sipping capuccino in a cosy cafe. Oh, it,s such a priceless moment for all the coffee lovers like me... After that you can go shopping or visit a museum or simply walk and enjoy the jugend architecture. This weekend we were lucky to attend an awesome exhibition held at the Atenium Museum. Some of the landscapes that were exhibited blew my mind away, especially the ones by Vincent van Gogh. Some people tell it,s impossible to take eyes of them - so true! The paintings are more than impressive. they are fascinating and magical.

After visiting the museum we went shopping. What I was looking for were postcards because I love postcards and in Helsinki you can buy the most stylish ones.

Btw, I have seen Jeffrey Campbell litas. No, no, no, of course I wasn,t going to buy them, I only wanted to touch these shoes that have become so strangely popular. Actually I think they look ugly ( only Annika could make them look awesome).

The day went by very quickly but new impressions made up for it.

Friday, November 16, 2012


It,s Friday and I dug through my photo archieves again. These two images were taken on my birthday in summer. We baked the most delicious raspberry cakes!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Drama?

  I have no drama in my life (let,s forget for a moment that life itself is a drama) and this is what makes me even more dramatic than I used to be.

 There’s nothing to worry about (except for my finals in May, but this can wait), no thoughts that torture me (except for the ones about being uncreative but it doesn’t count as these thoughts never leave me), nothing that I suffer from (except for not having enough sleep). There’s absolutely nothing! I just live my calm life and I’m pretty happy and satisfied with it. This is what makes me very a bit suspicious.

No drama? How on earth is it possible to live without it? I know I’m supposed to enjoy this short period of time without drama, without being constantly depressed or feeling miserable. I should be grateful. But. I feel as if I were a greenhouse plant (oh, the greenhouse is so warm and nice), the plant that someone cares for and waters every day. That’s awful. I need some drama.

I used to suffer from being terribly shy but I learnt how to deal with it, I used to complain about having no friends and being all alone but I got on quite well with some girls. I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to go to Wiesbaden in summer and see my friends but my dad (who actually happens to be the best dad on earth) arranged everything. What else? I used to be super conscious about my braces but got rid of them more than a year ago. Hmm… Not to mention my love dramas. Yep, such things like love happen even to me.

Why do I need these personal dramas? The answer is very simple. Dramas make me think and sometimes even write clever words. How can I think of anything when I’m like a greenhouse plant and there’s nothing to worry about? Dramas make my brain work in order to find the answers to the countless amounts of questions. Dramas are inspiring.

 Right now I’ve got a new one: the lack of them.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Autumn/ video

On Saturday I went for a walk to capture on video the last precious moments of Autumn. The gloomy sky set a melancholy mood. It was drizzling and the raindrops that hung on the naked branches of trees looked like tears.
I had a hard time choosing the right soundtrack as the music is definitely not less important than what you see, right? Anyway, I think I found the perfect one in the end...
Hope you enjoy the film :)

Autumn from Vera Rolle on Vimeo.

music: Brian Crain - Ice

Saturday, November 3, 2012

School Girl

It,s been a pretty hectic week. I worked hard at school and I even passed my math test ( phenomenal!) but... I failed at literature. How nice! Ok, I,m just telling myself that I didn,t have enough time to revise and learn everything, isn,t it a pretty good excuse?
However, it,s all in the past now: the school term is over and I,m having holidays ( finally, finally!). It,s so good to stay at home in the morning and have a nice breakfast (not the one in a hurry) and then read, write blog posts, draw or just cuddle with my dog...

The only disappointing thing is the weather. It snowed on Tuesday and I was almost in a Christmas mood but it got warmer later this week and now there is absolutely no sign of snow. I don,t know why but I always feel happier when it snows. Maybe because the beautiful snowflakes satisfy my aesthetic sense, they make everything around look better, amost magical. The snow always makes me think positive and it brings the feeling of inner peace.

This is what I wear to school very often. I just can,t get over how lovely and fluffy this sweater is.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!