Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today Is a Caturday

Hi, everyone!
Today is a Caturday, hehe, just because I dug through my photo archives yesterday and found this picture that was taken in spring. So, let it be Caturday.

It,s getting colder and colder outside, it even snowed last evening, can you believe in that? Snow! As if it were winter. Now I really think that this cat photography season has come to it,s end, which is a pity. It,s too cold for cats to take leisurely strolls and too cold for me to hold a camera, but who knows... Cats are the most unpredictable creatures and I remember I once saw a cat last winter that was sitting right on a snow drift. It would be a gorgeous shot but unfortunately I didn,t have a camera with me. Classic stupid situation!

Have a nice weekend!


  1. What a cool picture! I rarely see cats outside. Btw, at place, it snowed, too, although a week ago we had 20 °C outside.

  2. This looks just like my kitty! Love it :)


  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. If I had to describe a cat to someone I'd just show them this photo. How do you get them to pose for you? It must be your pretty face :)


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