Friday, October 12, 2012

Nadya on Film

If you have ever tried to photograph people, you know how important it is to find a cooperative model. Not the one who isn,t camera shy, that,s not enough. To take a good portrait one has to find a model who can stay natural in front of the camera, which is a rare talent, I must say.
If you are new to portrait photography, then never  start with shy or reserved people. You will have to put an additional effort into making them feel more confident and won,t be able to concentrate on framing fully. The chance of taking an expressive portrait is very little in this case. You see, at least someone has to be good at what he/she is doing: if you are new to photography, finding a good model will be very helpful.
That,s what I didn,t know before my first photoshoot and therefore my first attempts at portrait photography were rather poor. An inexperienced photographer and an inexperienced model make a pretty horrible team together.

However, I,ve been rather lucky with the models lately.

This is Nadya, a girl with an awesome voice and absolutely incredible eyes, and her biggest dream is to become a singer.  She literally radiates happiness and confidence and shares her hopes and goals for the future in such a candid manner that I just can,t help but admire her.


  1. I agree with is possible, but you will end the photoshoot feeling soooo exhausted....

    I'm glad you get to have fun and experiament with new photos.....I found my family to be the best "guinea pigs"....they are so used to me taking pictures of them now...they don't even blink....have fun! Can't wait to see more pictures....

  2. She's beautiful! I wish her luck with her singing dream.

    And yes, finding good models can be so difficult. Luckily my friends enjoy playing along with my photoshoots.


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