Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn Mood

Hi, guys,
Long time no see, right?

Fall is in full swing here but it,s been rather warm lately. I,m sad about the fallen leaves but it,s not a bad sadness, it doesn,t make me depressed at all. I even like gloomy rainy days when I can stay at home and drink camomile tea with honey and read good books.
This school term is coming to it,s end and a one week break is approaching, that,s kinda motivating.

I always feel a bit stupid for posting photos like this one... I think it does look very superficial, extremely superficial and pretentious. What do you, guys, think? Are you ok with sharing outfit pictures?


  1. I really love your outfit! I don't think it is pretentious at ALL! :)

  2. Ok, self portraits are very far from pretentious, I personally love to see what other young ladies are wearing.
    I love your boots, and coat, and scarf. Ok I love your whole outfit. I think that when we share simple things, it shows others that we are all alike and all have things in common. I especially am interested in what people from other countries wear.
    I had no idea that Russia got seasons, I know thats a stupid thing to say, but...
    Blessings ~ Rachel Hope

    1. Thank you, Rachel :)
      Oh, that,s ok, some people think we have only winter, winter and winter here :)

  3. Hi pretty! Love all your photos, i saw all you'rs albums on flikr xd, but i don't know what type of objective do you use. I have Cannon D1000 with 80-200mm what do you have for take that pretty images? Thanks! xx (can you answer me on my blog? 'cause i'm following you, but i think i'm don't going to see thats post...... Thanks! :D)

  4. (and you and your otutfit are really amazings!!!!!!!! you see like a student's university~ love that look, also my blog is about fashion lol, hope you like it!)

  5. Why should it look pretentious? You look lovely!
    Enjoy your holidays!

  6. I like outfit photos, and you look lovely.
    I do enjoy rainy days with tea and books, sometimes I like them even better than sunny days.


  7. oh no! I adore outfit photos, and you are ever so lovely!

  8. I love the boots, the outfit is very relaxed and comfortable.... very fall

  9. i personally am into fashion blogs, and i like this outfit! and that bag! it is amazing.

  10. оч понравился ваш блог, стиль и фотографии !!! с удовольствием буду читать ваш блог !!!!! жду у себя

  11. I love it! where did you get that bag? It looks awesome.


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