Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Striking Contrast

This week has been extremely hectic, as if life wanted to prove me that the last school year isn,t something that one can enjoy.
Long boring classes (except English), then long boring extra maths and literature lessons, then I come home insanely tired... What is more, I have to do a great deal of homework every day. I just wonder, how I am supposed to take care of my health? I barely find time to jog and exercise and also it,s difficult to maintain healthy eating habits due to my crazy schedule. Needless to say that not getting enough sleep definitely doesn,t affect me in a positive way.

I,ve been meaning to write a good text for my blog and some ideas even started to germinate in my mind but right now I,m really too exhausted to write anything logical. It,s like thoughts wander around my head all the time but I just cannot put them together.

All photos were taken in Wiesbaden by my dear friend Evgenia on a perfect sunny day.
All that happy days in Wiesbaden and my present school life... Quite a striking contrast.

Have a nice day, everyone!


  1. Your dress is very pretty :) I hope you find the balance that you need!!

  2. Great set of photos!
    Lovely dress.

    x Elena

  3. Oh Vera, I feel like we are living the same life right now. Considering I am currently taking a break (about 5 hours through and only half done) from my homework and trying to find a time to get in some exercise. Plus I ate cake and cookies for dinner last night, so unhealthy and depressing. Things will calm down though right? :)

    You seriously look so stunning in these photos, extremely beautiful and serene. Really cute dress too!


  4. Beautiful photos!!! I just love the background.....I hope your life goes back to normal...or that you get a hang of the crazyness and it becomes your 'new' normal.....


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