Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The weather in Wiesbaden is pretty weird. When you go out early in the morning it,s so cold that all you dream about is a cup of hot Latte. After 13 o,clock it gets warmer and then it gets very hot: the temperature rises up to 30°C and you spend the rest of the day dying of heat, sweating non-stop and dreaming of ice cream. Then at night it rains. Getting dressed in the morning was a big problem because of this stupid weather.

I had German classes every morning. On the very first day all new students wrote a test that was supposed to show their level of German and according to results they were divided into different groups. It was surprising but I managed to write this test better than others and therefore I got into the C1 group, which was flattering of course. Actually, I don,t think that I can speak German that well. German clasees were a real pleasure because of the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and awesome teachers.

Our school was situated near the Hauptbahnhof, right in the city centre and I could easily reach all places of interest. To be honest, I hate being guided around monuments and other historic places, I prefer exploring cities on my own, like a local: walking through the streets, discovering secret places that tourists never get to know... I was enjoying being perfectly independent. Actually Wiesbaden is rather small but it lies at the foot of the wooded Taunus hills and narrow streets go up and down all the time, which makes getting home a pretty good workout.

It might seem sometimes that Wiesbaden consists only of bakeries and coffee shops. Ok, and also of ice cream cafes. You feel the alluring smell of just-backed buns, muffins and croissants and see people eating all that delicious things everywhere. I must admit that I spent my first week in Wiesbaden drinking coffee and trying everything that looked tasty enough.

I would like to stay sceptical and say that I hate Starbucks but it would not be true, I really love it. It must be the loveliest place in the city where you can get cozy on a sofa and have a great time catching wi-fi and drinking a perfect Latte, listening to nice music and observing other people and simply enjoying being the part of this wonderful world (read: Germany).

What to say about the clothes that Germans wear? If you look at people passing by, you notice soon that a typical German girl wears Converse sneakers, denim shorts, a tee-shirt and a Longchamp shopper bag. That,s it. Effortlessly chic. Comfort is key. However, sometimes you can see really strange and completely inappropriate outfits: some girls wear black tights and boots when it,s 30°C, some of them put on scarves. Ah, and one more thing. They seem to be huge fans of wearing leggings as pants.

What else to say? Wiesbaden is Wiesbaden and it,s beautiful. My heart will always yearn for it and I hope that I will come back one day.


  1. Wow it looks so different to the Wiesbaden I know :D I like the pictures very much and hope you will write more reports like this.

    Greetings from Wiesbaden!

  2. I loved the pictures that you captured and the clever words that went with them. Reading it I almost feel like I was able to travel there myself.

    1. Ellie, this must be the best comment I could ever receive, I,m glad to hear that :)

  3. Wonderful trip.....it looks gorgeous! There are so many beautiful places in the world, and Wiesbaden is obviously one of them!! The pictures are just simply superb...i can't decide which one I like better!

    Glad you had fun! Congratulations on getting into the class...i knew you could do it!!!

  4. The pictures are really nice and the place looks amazing.I want that car:)

  5. I have been catching up on your blog, and I have to tell you I love this post, your photographs are lovely ! they made me want to visit germany all the more. My family is half german so hopefully someday I will be where you stood, and see the sighs just as you did.
    I must ask you how many languages do you speak ? I have an obsessive dream to speak more than just english and always feel inspired by young people who have done so. Again I loved your pictures.
    Blessings ~ Rachel Hope.

    1. Thanks for all the kind words..

      At the moment I can speak only three languages: Russian is my mother tongue and I,m happy that I can read all the russian classics in original, I speak English quite fluently as I,ve been learning it for 10 years and also I can speak some German, not very well, I think I have a lower intermediate level.


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