Friday, August 3, 2012

My Perfect Life

While recording my cat photography tips (coming soon), I came to realization that the most important  rule for animal photography (if there are any) is to take camera everywhere. When I give up and leave my camera at home, I always see something interesting (read: a cat). All these moments that I failed to capture seem to be a big disappointment yet a good memory training: they are all carefully stored somewhere in my brain. Seems that I remember things better when I cannot photograph them. Perhaps, my memory becomes rather lazy when I hold a camera in my hand.

I believe that cat photography is all about luck. Actually, it,s a perfect excuse: if I,m not lucky today, it only means that I will be lucky tomorrow or probably next week, who knows, luck is a tricky thing.
Of course, in my ideal life I would take nice pictures (read: meet new cats) every day, but I have to accept that it,s a kind of utopia. Ahh, my perfect life... A cat a day keeps depression away, you know. So, there would be lots of fluffy kitties and no depressive thoughts.

Actually, if I were to describe my ideal life, I would mention one more thing. Wiesbaden. I,m going to spent two perfect weeks in this charming city and the anticipation of all the joys that the coming days will bring makes my heart beat faster. What makes this trip even more exciting is that I,m flying on my own for the first time. There will be no daddy who always knows where to go and what to do, hehe, I hope, I won,t get lost in the airport. Anyway, I,m happy that I will have a chance to see my friends and to make new ones.

Big Hugs!


  1. oh my gosh. you can capture a cat like no one else, Vera!! this is stunning. and have a nice trip!

  2. I totally get what you say about memory, but sometimes it's the complete oposite: there are some moments that I wouldn't remember at all if I didn't have pictures.

  3. I absolutely adore ALL of those kitties!!! (and you can ask my sister, I'm not really an 'animal person') you did such a good job capturing them!

    And I agree, stunning moments always happen when my camera is at home! argh!!!

    Have tons of fun! Can't wait trip see the pictures.......

  4. Awww, such sweet cats! Adorable! How are you Vera? :)

  5. have fun travels! How exciting. At take off my dad would always reach for my hand and we'd look forward. Shooting thru the sky we squeeze each others hand. It's still my favorite part of flying and even when he's not there I imagine him to be sitting there next to me. \
    Lovely kitty's

  6. Hey! When are you going to Wiesbaden? If you like, we can meet each other because I am from Mainz :)

    1. Hi, Natalia)) Yes, I,m in Wiesbaden right now and I was going to visit Mainz next week, it would be very nice indeed to see you)


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