Saturday, July 7, 2012

The White One

Yay, I finally got my film scanned! I,d been waiting for it with some nervousness because actually I was not the only one who wanted to see the images as soon as possible: naturally Ksenia wanted to see the portraits too. I was afraid that they would turn out over-exposed and therefore it was a huge relief to get the pictures and see that they are pretty well exposed and I even kinda like them. Heh, something weird is happening, definitely. I like the pictures that I took, unbelievable, we are about to witness a miracle here. Ok, kidding. It,s actually a bad sign of becoming less strict with myself and my photography.

You might have noticed that I never take pictures of white cats. The reason is very simple. White fur reflects too much light, that,s it. The pictures turn out with too much contrast and a cat looks like a strange white blur. However, this photo seems to be an exception.

Have a nice day,



  1. I love how the cat is staring right at you, and all the old things around it just add intrest.....very nice!

  2. love the film look. this is lovely.

  3. great photograph! and please don't be so strict to yourself ;)


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