Friday, July 27, 2012

Everyday pictures

Hi there!
I promised to post more everyday photos and I,m definitely going to make it a regular feature on this blog.

Drawing outside,sitting on a bench in the garden, is so delightful!

What can one do on a rainy day? Cooking is an exellent pastime!

When there are no more yummy things to eat and when the rain is finally over, it,s time to go for a walk!

Have a nice day,



  1. You are SO talented!!! I love all of these photos & your art is beautiful! Great post. :)

  2. delightful photo's. What's your dog's name? Yes, my mom always said that when it rained we could bake. That way the house would not get so hot. Your fruit cake looks yummy!
    Oh, and the water color is beautiful. Of all the styles of making art, I like water color the best.

  3. I like your walking outfit - it looks so comfortable! Plus I like rainboots. :)

  4. Dear Vera,

    Your rainboots are so cute! I love them. And your drawings and paintings. Are you talented in every way? They are so beautiful. I especially love that painting. It's gorgeous.

    And of course your photography I must stand in awe of. I LOVE that picture of that pie (?). It looks so scrumptious. Dear, you are a genius at everything. And you're so gorgeous. Truly.
    P.S. If you have any extra pie, send it over. ;)

  5. Is that a .torte da vino. cake??? Scrumptious!

    I love your little doggy!! I wish I could give him a pet...and go on a walk with looks beautiful....

    1. Torte da vino? No, it,s just a mix of cottage cheese, eggs and a sort of semolina :)

      Thank you)

  6. Your pictures make me miss the countryside so much!
    Btw, is the top in the last picture from h&m? I have the same but it's yellow :)

  7. These photos are truly stunning! I love having a sneak peak into the everyday lives of others. Nothing better than a good walk in the countryside, especially when you have such a cute dog. Thanks for the lovely comment too. x

  8. I LOVE those photo's! Your blog is really nice!

  9. the drawing is beautiful..and the "yummy thing to eat" looks so yummy... You have a lovely blog. thanks for visiting mine:)


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