Saturday, July 21, 2012

Everyday Pictures

If I were to describe my personality, there would be one very important thing to mention. Mood swings. I,ve got terrible mood swings. My mood changes all the time. I get up being sad for no reason, hate everything and everyone, feeling like I could start crying any minute, and then I suddenly become happy and cheerful. It,s very odd.
I wrote a very stupid post this morning. Then I went out and saw the sun shining. I thought it was unfair to share only some weird thoughts and a boring photograph with you who have always been so friendly. I decided to make up for it and post some everyday pictures, the ones that I take to capture all the adorable summer moments, all the details, to enjoy them quietly in the winter. I have noticed that I never post pictures like that on this blog, maybe I should do it more often, what do you think?
I must say that I,m getting more and more obsessed with painting, it,s so relaxing! I got a new set of qouache paints and I love them! The thing is that I,m just a beginner, I,m not supposed to be good at painting and therefore I,m less concerned about my "works".

Have a nice day,



  1. these are so amazing, vera. you have such a talent. I adore the second.

  2. Vera, I *love* these photos! I think your painting is pretty amazing - much better than anything I could do! I would enjoy seeing more photos like this. :)

  3. Hey, Vera :)
    thank you so much for such a lovely and inspirational comment ^^

    Wow, amazing photos, love the colors and composition. :)
    Have a great day!

  4. wow, your painting is really great!

  5. Dear Vera,

    You say you're a beginner? You're paintings looks so professional. Really.

    Ok, first, I'm so sorry I haven't commented in forever. Don't worry it's not just you I've been ignoring, I've kinda been of the blogging world for a bit, so that's why I haven't commented on any of your amazing posts. I'm so sorry (it's a crime not to comment on your awesomeness).

    Anyways, secondly, you pictures are too, too good, my dear. You are well on your way to becoming a world-class photographer (or maybe you're already there). I love the feeling in the last picture. The colors are amazing! and the bike picture, makes me feel so happy. I can literally feel a warm summer day, radiating from that picture. You capture things so brilliantly.

    Anyways, I'll pause in my gushing to say I know how you feel about mood swings. They are so strange, aren't they. One moment I'll feel happy as life itself, the next I think everyone hates me. I find them rather irksome. ;)

    Ok, I'll be back soon. Sorry this comment is so hair-brained. I really don't have a mind right now. I'm a bit sick and it's midnight.

    P.S. You are too lovely, my dear.


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