Saturday, July 21, 2012

A grey cat

Summer seems to be rather gloomy this year. Can you imagine wearing wool socks in the summer? That,s awful, very depressive, but there are things that are worse than wearing winter clothing in July: it seems that I have already photographed all cats in the neighbourhood. Hehe, I will always find a problem to complain about :)
I know, it sounds so stupid, it really does, but I can,t just calm down and pretend there,s nothing to worry about. The thing is that I can,t express myself. Or maybe I have set my goal too high. I don,t know. I used to think that I had a good eye for photography, people have often told me that, but now I really have doubts about it. I,m saying this not because I want you to tell me once again that I,m talented and should not give up, I simply want to be honest with you. This blog has always been an outlet for my inner thoughts and I must say that most of the time I think about my photography or better to say about how unsatisfying the results always are. I must be mad. These thoughts torture me all the time and keeping everything to myself is impossible. I suppose, it,s immensely boring to read all these complaints, one can say they are unreasonable. Who knows...

It,s my birthday next week, by the way. I,m getting 17! Completely unbelievable. I,m not excited about it at all. I am already so old, time passes by so quickly and I have done nothing, absolutely nothing. It,s a weird feeling.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!
I hope to come back next Saturday with a more positive attitude to life, I promise :)


  1. so sad to hear you.r not having a warm summer...ours is a little to hot! I was sweating so much today as I was working in the intense sun!

    Maybe their will be kittens soon?? I hope you will find something to catch your eye...

    Happiest birthday dearest!! And many more to come!

    1. Thank you, Sarah :)
      I hope there will be lots of kitties ( I,ve already seen them but they are way too small, so I have to wait till they grow up ).

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, that,s so kind of you, really :)


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