Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Very Complicated Relationship

Something really strange is happening to my photography. All the pictures I take are so far from what I want them to be... And I am so far from what I thought I was... I look at the pictures and don,t feel like sharing anything because they are too ordinary, the pictures which everyone could take. Everyone who owns a pretty good camera.
It had become a lot more difficult to judge my photographs when I got my Canon 550d. This camera allows to get really nice shots even when the composition is nothing very special. When I look at my pictures I always ask myself: "Does this one look nice because it,s really interesting, because I did a great job, or does it look that attractive because I took it with a good camera?" Believe me, it,s very difficult to answer this question. It,s difficult because I like to think that I have an eye for photography but at the same time I,m afraid of being conceited and becoming that Vera who would share every picture she takes being absolutely sure everything she does is perfect.
I get upset when I see that there is nothing worth sharing, photography is the way I express myself and if I cannot do that life doesn,t seem to be interesting and worthwhile any more. Anyway, the process of taking pictures is still exciting even if the result is poor, I just hope I will be more fortunate next time.

What is your relationship with photography? Tell me, I,m really curious about it.

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  1. I know what you mean about the "complicated relationship"... I have the same thing. ;) I think your photography is beautiful! If you love it and you're good at it, no need to feel conceited--just keep taking lots and lots of pictures and you'll get even better!

  2. Dear Vera! First of all, thank you very much your lovely comment on my blog, I am really glad to receive a compliment from you :)
    The question about photography is indeed not easy answer and I there are times when I ask myself the same. In my opinion camera plays a big role but I think that your photographs are very good. Just look at those cute cats, you captured their characters so nicely! Don't be so strict to yourself, I would really like to see more of your photos! The drawings you showed in the previous post also very beautiful and vivid, they look like illustrations for children's books :) So please continue!

  3. great pics!! have a coplicated relationship with photography too!!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!!

  4. Your cat photos are just too good! Love those photos! :)

  5. I must say that you really inspire me! I stumbled across your blog through google reader and it has been a real encouragement. My dream is to become a photographer, but I see so many people with really nice cameras and I don't even have one... yet! I've had a lot of fears and I sometimes wonder if photography is even for me. However, when I see your amazing pictures and hear about your doubts and fears, it gives me hope that even with my fears I can become an awesome photographer one day too. : )

    And thanks for telling what kind of camera and lens you use, because I'm doing a little shopping around. : )

    1. Thank you, MarLeah, for all the kind words about my photography, I kinda blushed when I saw all the comments you had left on my blog :)

      I think you shouldn,t be afraid of trying to become a photographer, just take the plunge and you,ll find out very quickly if it,s for you, and buing a good camera is always a good idea :)


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