Thursday, June 7, 2012

If I don,t go where I,m scared to be lost

It was about two years ago when I began the search for a perfect skirt. I wanted this skirt to be perfectly high-waisted, perfectly pleated, perfect colour, perfect length...

Then I found it. It was an oh so wonderful American Apparel velvet skirt. This skirt caught my eye, that was the love at first sight...
Quess what? Right! We have no American Apparel here. Why oh why is life so unfair?
Ok, life can be unfair, but whatever, I needed THAT skirt!
Then this thought dawned on me: "I can sew it, why not?"

Voila! Here's the result :)

Have a nice day,



  1. Очень милая юбочка! Никогда не видела ничего подобного раньше. Прекрасный изумрудный цвет!

  2. This skirt turned out so well, Vera! And in my opinion, self-made things are always way better than the ones you buy at the store. Beautiful outfit and tulips :)

  3. LOOVEE the skirt! you did an awesome job, I wish I knew how to sew :)

  4. How beautiful !
    You did a wonderful job, do you sew often ? Its nice to see young girls who are willing to take the plunge and try and sew.
    Rachel Hope

  5. Very cute!
    What a amazing vintage outfit!
    I just love love love it.

  6. It's such a cute skirt!!! Good job! Velvet is sometimes hard to sew with...but you did it wonderfully....

  7. This skirt really suits you. I'm crazy about the emerald colour.

  8. Such a cute skirt! I've been looking around to buy my first camera, and my sister found this blog for me. We both love your pictures! I like the field of depth that you get--and your subject matter is pretty cute too. :)

  9. love the whole look and perfect back drop!!!!

  10. Dear Vera,

    That skirt is ridiculously perfect, as is your outfit. I see so many people aspiring to have style with clothes, and yet you seem to have it naturally. Did I ever tell you how much I always admire your outfits, they are always so cute, and of course you are, too. Well, more drop dead gorgeous.

    Anyways, I'm sorry for not commenting in so long, you know how bad I am, by now, at commenting promptly. Even when I'm loving the posts.

    And anyway, your pictures are superb, as usual. Really and truly. Very wonderful. And I for one, think you're an AMAZING photographer (along with the person who takes the pictures of you... your mom, right?). I love the picture of the flowers. It's so beautiful.

    Anyways, I should be off soon, but I hope to hear more from you corner in the blogging world soon.

  11. For real, you are SO talented! That skirt is just darling, as is your style in general. :) Nice work!


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