Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Sign of Summer

Just look at this! I have picked some amazinly delicious strawberries, they are super beautiful and super tasty and they give me the feeling that summer is finally here and that it is in full swing.

I won,t have the Internet access the following week and, to be honest, I,m glad about it. By the way, I,m thinking about making a new video post this month and I have already started working on what I,m going to tell you. I,m planning to share some cat photography tips with you and show some of my favourite places in the village where I live now. So, what else would you like me to talk about? Any ideas?

Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

These rainy days...

June is almost over but it seems that Summer hasn,t even started yet. I mean that real Summer when you don,t know where to hide from the heat ( yep, I enjoy the summer heat ). It had been raining for the whole week and it was impossible to go out and it goes without saying that no new cat pictures were taken, you know, cats are wise creatures, they know that on a rainy day the only activity is staying at home and being as lazy as possible.

Have a nice day,


Monday, June 25, 2012

Fly me to the moon...

Here,s a couple of my newest drawings.
I must say that taking proper photos of these kitties is a lot more difficult than actually drawing them, I should definitely try scanning.

Have a nice day,


Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Travel Diary

Hi, guys,

I,m just back from a cruise to Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn and I must say that it was an amazing experience! Each of the cities is charming in it,s own way with it,s fantastic architecture, unique cozy coffee shops and cafes, friendly people and lots of other things that create the atmosphere of the city. I admit that I got kinda tired of taking pictures at the end of the cruise because every time you are ready to relax and enjoy all the beauty around, just like other people do, you see new details which are worth capturing, it was crazy!

I,m immensely grateful for all the comments that I received from you, so many compliments, you are so kind to me, maybe even a bit too kind ;)

Have a wonderful day,


Thursday, June 7, 2012

If I don,t go where I,m scared to be lost

It was about two years ago when I began the search for a perfect skirt. I wanted this skirt to be perfectly high-waisted, perfectly pleated, perfect colour, perfect length...

Then I found it. It was an oh so wonderful American Apparel velvet skirt. This skirt caught my eye, that was the love at first sight...
Quess what? Right! We have no American Apparel here. Why oh why is life so unfair?
Ok, life can be unfair, but whatever, I needed THAT skirt!
Then this thought dawned on me: "I can sew it, why not?"

Voila! Here's the result :)

Have a nice day,


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Taking Portraits

I rarely step out of my comfort zone and force myself to work with people but sometimes it happens. I,m not very experienced at taking portraits and it has always been a big problem. I never know how to pose the subject. I,m used to shooting cats and they seem to know all the secrets of posing without any instructions given.
I always panic when it comes to taking portraits. I look through hundreds of photographs before the photoshoot desperately trying to figure out how would my ideal photos look like. After the photoshoot I always get disappointed and always end up judging the model and saying how camera shy and uncooperative she was, then I start telling everybody that I will never ever work with people because the are stupid, stupid, stupid!...
Ok, this is what usually happens.
It didn,t happen yesterday.

This is Ksenia and taking portraits of her was an incredibly nice experience. I took lots of film pictures with my Zenit and I can,t wait to see how they turned out.

I also took some very simple and quite banal photos with a digital camera, here,s what I came up with :)

Have a nice day,


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cat Portrait

Yesterday I was fortunate to take a picture of this beauty. This must be the loveliest kitty I know: she always comes up to me rubbing on legs, which actually makes taking pictures rather difficult.

Have a nice day,


P.S. I had to postpone taking a break from blogging, this can wait until next week.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Very Complicated Relationship

Something really strange is happening to my photography. All the pictures I take are so far from what I want them to be... And I am so far from what I thought I was... I look at the pictures and don,t feel like sharing anything because they are too ordinary, the pictures which everyone could take. Everyone who owns a pretty good camera.
It had become a lot more difficult to judge my photographs when I got my Canon 550d. This camera allows to get really nice shots even when the composition is nothing very special. When I look at my pictures I always ask myself: "Does this one look nice because it,s really interesting, because I did a great job, or does it look that attractive because I took it with a good camera?" Believe me, it,s very difficult to answer this question. It,s difficult because I like to think that I have an eye for photography but at the same time I,m afraid of being conceited and becoming that Vera who would share every picture she takes being absolutely sure everything she does is perfect.
I get upset when I see that there is nothing worth sharing, photography is the way I express myself and if I cannot do that life doesn,t seem to be interesting and worthwhile any more. Anyway, the process of taking pictures is still exciting even if the result is poor, I just hope I will be more fortunate next time.

What is your relationship with photography? Tell me, I,m really curious about it.

Have a nice day,