Saturday, May 5, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

Hi, there!
It,s unbelievable but i,m still alive and it,s Saturday and I don,t have to go to school tomorrow and it is... well, unbelievable too.
This week has been so hectic... I had to learn all the trigonometry formulas, that was crazy because I,m not a huge fan of algebra, seriously, I almost hate it, I get immediately bored.

Ok, I,d better write about something that is more pleasant than algebra... For instance, about the German language. I,ve discovered that I,m totally in love with it. The other day I found an adorable book called "Das Doppelte Lottchen" and I still can,t get over how touching the plot is. It wasn,t that difficult to read this book in German as it was written for children, and I so much sympathized with that twins, that was almost ridiculous, as if I were a child!  I also watched the old german black&white movie based on this book, that was so incredibly nice, then I watched "The Parent Trap" in English, I quess, you all know it, I used to love this movie when I was small. ( When did I become a girl who isn,t small any more? ) Haha, I,ve become really crazy about this story of twins, as you can see :)
So, tomorrow I,m going to the countryside and will stay there for three days, I hope it will be enough time to find some cooperative kitties and take some new pictures at last.

Have a nice day,



  1. I love this shot of you you look cute and innocent!! Gah, you're too cute! I studied European Language before, is that the same with German Language too? I have not idea. I followed you! I love your blog and your posts and the flower on your hair. Lol.
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  2. Oh that will be so exciting.....I will look forward to seeing those wonderful pictures!!!

    that is sooo funny! That is my favorite movie too?! Can you believe it? I'm always wanting to watch it, and my sister says "Not THAT movie again!"

  3. i saw this cardigan once and wanted to have it but I was too late ....

  4. Eres hermosa! me encanta la chaqueta y la bufanda!!

    este es un outfit muy chic!

    Un abrazo!


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