Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happiness, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love

It was already getting dark when I left a cozy room, opened the door and stepped into the warm May evening. It was my first spring evening in the countryside this year. After living in a big city for several months, after hectic days at school, after being constantly depressed by the gloomy weather... It was so incredibly good to come back even just for a couple of days.
The small lawn was surrounded by the spiky black silhouettes of spruces, the lawn where I used to play when I was a child, where I once burned the pages of my diary, I was standing there and found myself obsessed with memories, with the pleasant ones. What I was fascinated by is that whatever I used to do this lawn remained the same, a serene place where I always could find some peace, not for my eyes and ears but for my soul.
A bonfire was slowly burning out. It started raining. Floating clouds were so high, I raised my head to the sky and kept silence. No words were needed. What could I tell to this untamed beauty of nature? What could I tell to all the fresh spring leaves? Was there anything that they didn,t know?
They knew the most important thing, they knew that life was worthwhile.
Quite happiness grew inside me, happiness, forgiveness, gratitude and love. I am the part of this beautiful world, it,s such a miracle to be alive.


  1. This post made me smile. I love your descriptive words.
    It truly is beautiful the peace that comes from nature, I think everyone should experience it once in their lives.
    Your tiny corner of nature laced in memories sounds lovely.
    Rachel Hope

  2. So beautiful....i have a spot like that, at our family home that I spent a great part of my childhood days....and if I go back to that hill, and sit on the rocks, il remember the past times.....great post

  3. Vera you have such beautiful writing, that little story took my right to your yard! I can still picture it now :) I wish I could write like that, so elegant and graceful



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