Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hi, guys,
Long time no see!
I,m finally done with my 10th school year and it,s so unusual not to be constantly worried about my studies... I don,t have to learn any new formulas, I,m not supposed to finish writing an essay by Monday, I don,t have to get up at 7am... Unbelievable!
Summer is approaching and I have lots of plans. I,m going to live my life to the fullest and enjoy every single moment of it. ( Well, that,s something that I should do not only in Summer! )
I,m planning to maintain the so called healthy way of life, read a lot, take pictures, take long walks, draw, learn English and German...
One more thing. I,m going to take a break from blogging and surfing the Internet in general. Last time I took a break in November and it was really a great experience which I,m willing to repeat. I,m planning to keep away from my laptop for about two weeks, maybe a bit longer.

What about you? Any plans for this Summer?

Today I wanted to tell you about my new passion, which is actually an old one. When I was small I used to draw very often, this was the way I expressed myself. I even used to go to an art school but had to give it up because it was located too far away from where I live. As a result, I stopped drawing.
When I got into blogging I started following some art blogs and very soon found myself dreaming about reviving my old hobby. Here are the pictures that I came up with.

Have a nice day,


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happiness, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love

It was already getting dark when I left a cozy room, opened the door and stepped into the warm May evening. It was my first spring evening in the countryside this year. After living in a big city for several months, after hectic days at school, after being constantly depressed by the gloomy weather... It was so incredibly good to come back even just for a couple of days.
The small lawn was surrounded by the spiky black silhouettes of spruces, the lawn where I used to play when I was a child, where I once burned the pages of my diary, I was standing there and found myself obsessed with memories, with the pleasant ones. What I was fascinated by is that whatever I used to do this lawn remained the same, a serene place where I always could find some peace, not for my eyes and ears but for my soul.
A bonfire was slowly burning out. It started raining. Floating clouds were so high, I raised my head to the sky and kept silence. No words were needed. What could I tell to this untamed beauty of nature? What could I tell to all the fresh spring leaves? Was there anything that they didn,t know?
They knew the most important thing, they knew that life was worthwhile.
Quite happiness grew inside me, happiness, forgiveness, gratitude and love. I am the part of this beautiful world, it,s such a miracle to be alive.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Forest

This video is actually nothing very special, I know, but I wanted to capture the beauty of the forest in spring because it,s so fleeting.

Have a nice day,


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finally: cat photos!

There is nothing better than a serene weekend spent in the countryside. There were times when I just didn,t know what the sense of my life was, life had been literally meaningless although it was so busy and full of various activities, but sometimes we have to slow down.
The awakening of nature always brings balance. I experienced some incredible feelings there, in the countryside, and there is so much to tell you about them. I just don,t want to do it in a hurry, that all really needs thinking over and over. I think I will have finished writing about the influence of nature by the end of the next week.

Let,s pass over to the main topic of this post: cats! Cats, cats, cats... I only realized how much taking pictures of them was missing in my life during the latest months when I began doing it again. The lack of experience is evident though.

Normally this kitty is terribly camera shy but this time she was not, no idea what happened to her and why her attitude to me had so drastically changed. I love her eyes, they are almost emerald.

Have a nice day,


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Some Random Thoughts

Hi, there!
It,s unbelievable but i,m still alive and it,s Saturday and I don,t have to go to school tomorrow and it is... well, unbelievable too.
This week has been so hectic... I had to learn all the trigonometry formulas, that was crazy because I,m not a huge fan of algebra, seriously, I almost hate it, I get immediately bored.

Ok, I,d better write about something that is more pleasant than algebra... For instance, about the German language. I,ve discovered that I,m totally in love with it. The other day I found an adorable book called "Das Doppelte Lottchen" and I still can,t get over how touching the plot is. It wasn,t that difficult to read this book in German as it was written for children, and I so much sympathized with that twins, that was almost ridiculous, as if I were a child!  I also watched the old german black&white movie based on this book, that was so incredibly nice, then I watched "The Parent Trap" in English, I quess, you all know it, I used to love this movie when I was small. ( When did I become a girl who isn,t small any more? ) Haha, I,ve become really crazy about this story of twins, as you can see :)
So, tomorrow I,m going to the countryside and will stay there for three days, I hope it will be enough time to find some cooperative kitties and take some new pictures at last.

Have a nice day,