Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Wish It Was Caturday

I had an amazing day spent in the countryside, that was so great! Actually I went there just because I wanted to take some new pictures of cats but they all had become so wild during the winter, wild and totally distrustful.
"Hey, kitties, don,t you remember me? Don,t you remember my camera? I won,t do you any harm, look, I,m so kind, I just want to snap some shots..." Click! All the cats ran away..
Ok, I failed to take cat pictures this time, let,s hope I,ll meet the ones that are more cooperative in the nearest future.

Luckily, later I met this little fella who brightened my day by letting me take pictures of him, isn,t this dog super cute?

Have a nice day,



  1. Awh, sorry about the cats! I hope they warm up to you before too long. :) But the dog is so cute...his eyes are so sweet! Very beautiful.

  2. Well you may not have managed to capture any cats, but that cute dog seems to have made up for it, he's looks so adorable!

  3. that sounds like my soon as she see's the camera she leaves the room....argh!!!

    cute picture though......glad someone was co-operating with you ~!

  4. I like that you captured his tongue and the angle of his ears. Very Cute!

    check out my blog @ and see my baby dog Holly.

  5. I'm so very happy to see you again, Vera dear! It has been too long without your lovely pictures. ;) Poor little kitties, I hope they cooperate soon, because I'm missing seeing them. ;)

    And that dog is adorable! You are so very talented!



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